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When we kiss

by rizumamu

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Kaidou Kaoru thinks about his past, especially certain kisses with someone special. Davide/Kaidou, POT, BL, yaoi

Chapter 1, Part 1

When we kiss

A birthday ficlet for my favourite Prince of Tennis character, Kaidou Kaoru! I still love him sooooo much! Like whoa! This story is partly AU and partly follows the original story. 

At first it was kind of hard to decide what to write about because I knew I wouldn't have much time to write a proper story. I've got a plenty of ideas for this couple but writing those stories will take a lot of time... So I went with this idea. This is only part 1 and I really don't know how far this will go. But I'm planning to write several short ficlets so the next part should be ready quite soon. 
I do not own Prince of Tennis or the characters mentioned in this fic. They all belong to Konomi-sensei. 
Thumbnail by me, Davide & Kaidou by HAIL'S CAFE
ヽ(*・ω・)ノ。・:*:・゚'★Happy Birthday to Kaidou☆,。・:*:・゚'ヽ(・ω・*)ノ
He didn’t know why but suddenly, as he was running his usual route, he thought about kissing. Lately he hadn’t had the chance to do it even though it was something he in fact enjoyed doing. Or at least when he had the right opponent.

His first time. That had been quite a long time ago. Moreover, it had been rather strange. Because he couldn’t have ever thought that the first kiss of his life would happen with a boy. However, it hadn’t been an unpleasant experience and it hadn’t made him feel resentful afterwards. It had simply surprised him a lot and made him blush so badly that his whole face had become bright red. But it hadn’t lasted for very long since the amazing smile on the other boy’s face had flabbergasted him to the extent that he had nearly stopped breathing.

“Kaoru-chan is so cute!”

Even now he could hear those words in his ears. And they still made his earlobes turn red. It wasn’t the kind of thing that he would’ve expected to hear from the redheaded boy, but within he had been very happy about it.

Everyone in the kindergarten had wanted to be friends with that weird boy because he was funny and very kind, even though he was an oddball among the other kids with his red wavy curls and blue eyes. But ever since the strange kiss had happened, he had more or less decided to be best friends with Kaidou. Some of the kids, especially some girls, had been jealous and had tried to bully him, but there was no way that Kaidou would give in to such a thing. He could take care of himself and over time the others had realized that it was no use trying to intervene.

Perhaps it had been already back then that Amane had thought that they were dating each other or something like that, but for Kaidou it had been just an unusual friendship. Of course he had felt close to the other boy because they had been spending a lot of time together in the kindergarten and also because they had started to practice tennis. And he had always been happy to visit Amane’s house that he could play with his cat, but for Kaidou it hadn’t been anything more than that. After all, they had been just kids that didn’t quite know right from wrong yet.

When Amane’s family had to move away to another district, Kaidou had thought that he could easily carry on with his normal life even without the redheaded boy’s company, but in the end the loss had made him feel very sad. But wasn’t that what the adults had been saying over and over again, that you don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it, or something similar. And although he could admit that he had missed the lovely cat a lot, deep within he knew that he was missing Amane even more.




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