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Rini Hatake

by sweetmooncake100

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This is the story about a girl who has always lived a life by herself and never felt that she could trust others unless it was her big brother. She isolated herself from the world, just running about, until she was captured and brought back to her old home of Konohagakure. How she was born is kind of mature but I think you people can stand that.

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Chapter 1

Rini Hatake

The small 6 year old girl was running so fast that the 2 jonin ,Kakashi Hatake, Gai, and 1 of the 3 great shinobi, Jiraiya, kept almost losing sight of her. That and she was wearing a black blindfold around her eyes (somehow she could see perfectly where she was going), a very much tattered blue chinese shirt, a mini tattered green skirt, bandages around her thighs, and blue gloves. But the 3 ninjas finally caught up to her and tied her hands together that connected to a 3 foot rope. When the 3 ninjas got back to Konohagakure and approached the Hokage the 6 year old girl knelt before the Hokage. The Hokage was speechless when he finally saw the girl up close. She had gray hair just like Kakashi's but it was short and just went below her ears.

"Remove the blindfold." Sir 3rd said to Kakashi,

"Yes sir." Kakashi said back. Kakashi kneeled in front of the girl, reached behind her head and un-knotted the blindfold. Then stepped back to where he was before. Sir 3rd looked deeply into her eyes, they were as dark blue, dark as the midnight sky.

"Tell me child, what is your name?" The girl opened her mouth and talked in a quiet calm voice, "My name is...

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