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Rini Hatake

by sweetmooncake100

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This is the story about a girl who has always lived a life by herself and never felt that she could trust others unless it was her big brother. She isolated herself from the world, just running about, until she was captured and brought back to her old home of Konohagakure. How she was born is kind of mature but I think you people can stand that.

Chapter 2

Rini Hatake

"My name is Ri-"

"Hokage!" All of a sudden a girl with pink hair who looks about 6 slides open the door and runs in towards the Hokage "I got the info about the chunnin selection exam coming up. Just like you told me to."

"Thank you Sakura, dependable as always. You may go home now for I don't need anything else."

"Ok!" Sakura makes the salute sign to the Hokage then turns around and gasps. Sakura ran and knelt in front of the girl  ,grabbed her head and looked at it all over, "You have terrible knots in your hair, it'll take forever to get them out!" Sakura uncuffed the girl pulled her up and said, "But luckily my Mama's a pro at this stuff, c'mon!" Sakura pulled the girl out the door and said back to the Hokage, "Don't worry I'll bring her back tomorrow!"

"Sakura!" Then they were gone. "She's a trouble some one isn't she." Said sir 5th.


"Soooo, what's your name anyway?" Sakura asked the strange girl

"Uhhh..." The girl hesitated for a little bit "R-R-Rini Hatake"

"That's a cute name, I just know that we'll be the best of friends forever." Sakura makes a huge grin towards Rini. Rini looks away and is embarrassed, for she has never, not once, had a true friend. Then Sakura takes her left hand and...

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