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Velvet Queen

by foxdemon

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Her voice is like a symphony, sung only for me. (Never decided whether to call this a song or if it was just a poem.)

Tears of grace

Stream down her pale face

Her voice is like a symphony

Sung only for me


At the sound of her velvet voice

I must respond to her call

I am pulled without a choice

Through her is my downfall

My aching soul

I am lured by her magnetic pull


Like a benevolent, beautiful Queen

But hidden behind a veil, unseen

I must obey

Without a say

As the tears of grace

Stream down her fair face

As she sings with her voice like a symphony

Something harmonious sung only for me


With a wistful grace

Her velvet hands touch my face

Setting my restless heart

On an uneven pace


But no longer shall I be drawn

Nor used as her unwilling pawn

No more will I be

Now I am free


I will not be taken in

By the tears of grace

That stream down her angelic face

Or her lovely voice like a symphony

That was sung only for me

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