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Forget Me Not

by kurukuru

Libraries: Fantasy, Original Fiction

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Unravel the mysteries of the world around you, as you seek to find the pieces of a fragmented mind.

The day began innocently enough.

A young, down-and-out woman who was looking for a job earnestly, but having little luck.
But there seemed to be a small glimmer of hope just as it began to rain.
Trecking down the street, very much focused on just finding a place to dry off, she came across the one place she'd been avoiding since the craze had begun.

Long ago, when she was very little, beings once thought to be of legend had reappeared in the world.
Nearly causing a third world war, with their uprising, and the realization of their hidden rule on humankind.
It has been quite unsettling, not that she'd really cared too much for it, being far too innocent to understand.

Since then a series of various "shops" had opened up across the world.

They claim to offer domesticated little creatures , so small they are quite easy to carry on your shoulder or rest in a pocket.
They are usually quite short - lived, binding to the terms of the contract made upon their creation.
Serving their purpose until they are recollected for "unwinding."
Whatever that means.

She'd sworn never to get one herself.

It only gave her a sort of guilty feeling anytime one was offered for her.

…but why?

It all begins with a little shop called "Puuku."

Unravel the mysteries of the world around you.

As you seek to gather the pieces of a fragmented mind.

What awaits you in..

Forget Me Not?

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