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SSJ lovers poem

by lionniagalactica

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A little poem i wrote for my latest Pan and Trunks story that should be here in a couple weeks. This is Pan's way of saying she's sorrry even though she was to leave Trunks behind.

SSJ lovers poem


The angels are calling,

And Kami says goodbye.

Then Love must leave

1 to Earth and 1 to Sea.

As long as they love

They will not forget.

His hair will shine like the sun

as darkness takes away

his dark beauty

Good bye said the

Night to the Sun.

As she flew to Kami

and cried in heaven.

She had left her love behind.

To go out to the sea,

Of tears loves lost are doomed too.

And loves screams echoed off the walls.

Love's rebirth within their souls.

Light and Dark forever lovers unite

(Hope you liked it)

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