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by lionniagalactica

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Unknown are poems about a lack of understanding by the point of view of the inoccent. Although these poems were written by me the matterial I used was my imagination.

As I  wake up from my dream,

I see you smile,

Why do you screw with me?

In my dreams

My mind can't can't take

You constent stare

Just leave me be

Can't you see?

I just want to be left alone.

In my dreams.


In my dreams

The world makes sence

Your not there, to mess with me.

My mind can't seem to grasp.

My heart can't seem to see.

But in the end, honestly.

I see now reason for this torture.

The unknown, and the pain.

In my dreams


In my dreams

Please tell me

Why you torture me.

One moment everything makes perfect sence.

And then you go and screw it up again.

Tell me please, tell me.

Why you haunt my dreams.

In my dreams


In my dreams

I can't seem to get you off my mind.

I'm going insane.

Won't anyone help me.

Your hand if the one

Reaching out through the fog.

What does it mean?

My friend, ohhh, What does it mean?
Why can't I see

In my dreams

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