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Without Words

by Mimiglitterstar

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Adam and Kris are two teenagers who fall in love with each other. Kris' ex girlfriend, Mika, isn't at all happy and tries to get Kris back, and causes too much problems. Will Adam and Kris make it through?

Chapter 1, chapter 1

Kris lies in his bed wide awake, eyes fixed on the ceiling, thoughts racing through his mind. He thinks about his life since he moved to Los Angeles a week ago, how happy he really is in here and how he enteracts with people he met like he has known them for years. He thinks about Adam. When Kris first saw him, he was speechless; how could a person be so beautiful? And now, he knows it's not just the looks but also, whar's inside. Everytime he is with Adam, Kris feels an overwhilming warmth take over him, feels the need to stay near him, talk to him, hear him laugh. Just...be around him. Kris gets up, padding barefoot to the guest room. He goes over to the bed where Adam is curled up innocently, in a deep slumber, snoring softly, his midnight black hair all over the place, his long, dark eyelashes brushing thickly against his cheek bones, his plump lips slightly parted allowing soft breaths out. Kris' heart flutters at the sight. His hand sinks into Adam's hair, stroking it and loving the purring noises Adam is making. He must be exhausted from all the movies they watched. With one last loook, Kris heads to his bed with one thought on his mind. The way Adam's chest moves is...beautiful. * The rest of the weekend flies by and soon, Kris is back to school and homework. He hates it. "Hi, Krissi!" Adam's voice pulls Kris out of his thoughts and he turns around with a stupid grin on his face. "Don't call me that!" "Okay, Krissi!" then Adam is off to his class before Kris has time to blink. Kris goes through his classes in a blur and before he knows it, he is with Adam, eating lunch. Atleast, he is; Adam is toying with his lunch. He is unusually quiet. "Adam, you okay?" Kris asks, concerned. Adam sighs, "I'm fine." "Don't lie to me! You're never that quiet. Never." "You'll freak out if I tell you." "No, I won't." Adam looks at him through his eyelashes, "Promise?" "Promise. Now, tell me." "I like you!" Adam blurted out, a blush making its way on his face. "Thanks, Adam. I like you, too." "Not like that!" Adam sounds frustrated, "I mean, I LIKE you." "What!?" now that Kris understands, he's mad. Mad because he is so confused and didn't know what to do. "I told you you'll freak out." "Adam, I'm your friend! How could you do that to me!?" "K-Kris I-" "I don't wanna hear it!" Kris yelled, drawing attention to them, "I trusted you! How could you!" "I'm sorry, okay! These are feelings, Kris. I can't control them!" "I think we both should stay away from each other." with that, Kris stormed off leaving a very hurt Adam behind. * "I'll see you later, Mika!" Kris said, giving the blonde cheerleader a kiss on the cheek. She giggled, "Okay, Kris." little did they know a pair of hurt blue eyes were watching them as tears streamed down a certain face? * please, review.

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