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by ludoviko

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The Knight and the Princess met in Haholand. The Princess was just old enough for marriage. She asked the knights in a competition. The stranger knight knew the answer and he won the hand of the princess.

Once upon a time there lived a Knight called Cascara Sagrada. One day he reached the frontiers of Haholand where all the hahoteers lived laughing. They taught him that in this country he must always do a laughter. Afterwards he was granted entry into Haholand.

As he walked and walked, all at once he found himsef in a dense forest. Suddenly he stumbled and fell over. Right before his nose there was a small patch of moss whimpering. It was stuck under a piece of rock.

As if that wasn't enough, the growth potion from Cascara Sagrada's magic pouch spilled straight on top of the little Moss' head. And so the tiny little Moss suddenly grew big. Knight Cascara Sagrada pulled him from under the rock just in the nick of time.

The great whining and whimpering was carried in the wind all the way to Knight Sassafrass, who quickly ran to lend a hand. He asked the great big tree to lift up his roots a little to let Knight Cascara Sagrada's foot come free, too.

Knight Sassafras invited both of them to the palace. He told them that the King's famously beautiful daughter, Sarsaparilla was just old enough for marriage and many were competing for her hand. Knight Cascara Sagrada was long searching for his true mate who is always joyful. He thought to himself - Maybe I can find her this time. And so the three of them travelled on together.

The Princess was not only beautiful, but she was also very smart. All the Knights she asked shrewd questions. Her last question was: Where is the talking medalion?

Only our dear Knight knew the answer. He also spoke the language of plants and the giant pine whispered to him that the magpie had stolen it and had dropped it down the chimney of the Hermit.

Knight Cascara Sagrada rode his horse to the wise Hermit. The old man could see that he was valiant, wise knight, worthy of the Princess.  And so he gave him the vase into wich a time ago the talking buttercup had fallen.

Knight Cascara Sagrada rode back to the palace. The Princess was happy that this Knight would be her groom. When they kissed each other the great love between them made the Talking Medalion speak:

- You are made for each other, but life will yet hurdle a few trials before you.

For the while be happy for each other, sing, laugh, because our Mother Nature loves to hear the expressions of joy!

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