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Codename: Mutant

by xxGamer101xx

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Being a teenager is tough, top it off with the fact your born with mutant abilities. 15 year old Jenna and her boyfriend, Ty must fight to keep Salem Isle safe and prove to the world that mutants aren't freaks. They are people like everyone.

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Chapter 1, Prolouge



Heroes die. Legends stay forever. Which one are you?”-




In a car in the driveway of a light blue house sat a man. A man with graying brown hair, a stubble beard and bright blue eyes. That person was Mason Todd, other known as Lee Archer the first hero to walk on the streets of Silver City. He had retired from being a super hero, and found something else to do with his time. Mason had devoted his life to find children born with super abilities, other wise known as Mutants. He had heard there was mutant activity in this part of Silver City, he would find the little girl and hope she would walk in the path of justice and pray to the heavens that she would not turn and go to the path of evil. He had known to many heroes who had made that awful choice, of being evil.

Mason had thought how we would approached the family. Would he be subtle, or just cut right to the chase. Mason would rather not be the one to say that the parents of the girl was the parents of a mutant, he knew he would rather call them freaks instead of what the are really called. Mutants.

Mason Todd, started at the house, getting ready to get out of his car, he wondered how the parents would react to what he had to tell them. That, a physic had told him that there was a mutant living in this house, he wanted to make sure that that the parents of the little girl with mutant powers would use them for good, instead of going in the path of evil.

He had seen and known several heroes turn in the path of evil, he didn't want to the girl to choose the path of evil. He would somehow feel guilty if the girl would change her mind and go the path of evil, rather then justice. The path of pain, suffering, greed, madness, and a lust for power. He had known to many heroes that suffered that cruel fate.

Mason got out of his car and walked towards the house, he knocked on the door and the person who answered the door, was a woman with long black hair, wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and had her long black hair in a messy bun.


“May I help you?” Said the woman opening the door looking at Mason.

“I need to talk to you about something.” Said Mason handing the woman abusiness card, “Your Susan Smith, right?”

“Yes.” Said the woman, “Why do you ask?”

Mason smiled, “The last name, Aston it reminds me of somebody I knew. Does the name Dennis Smith sound familiar. If so, did he happen to be a super hero too?”

“Yes.” Said the woman in a soft voice, “He was my husband, and he was also a super hero.”

“So, he was your husband then, and he was a super hero too?” Said Mason, “Did he also go by the super hero name of Buckshot?”

“Yes, he was my husband.” Said the woman trying to hold back her tears, “He also was a super hero too, we where also married a long time too. So I guess I did know him for a long time.”

“So, you did know Dennis for a long time.” Said Mason, “He was an amazing hero to know, and I was luck to know him. It was ashamed that he had died at a young age.”

“Yes.” Said the woman, “You could say that I did know him for a long time.”

“Well, he was a great hero. I was very lucky to know and even meet him. It is ashamed that he suffering a horrible fate as a young that he had died. May his soul rest in peace.” Said Mason.

“Yes it was.” Said the woman trying to hold back her tears, “He was amazing and I was lucky to know him. I was very luck., and it is also ashamed that he had died.” The woman looked at Mason and asked, “You're Mason Todd? Right?” The woman had took the card from Mason's hand, “Used to be known as Lee Archer?” She had asked again.

“That is correct.” Said Mason, “I was indeed the famous hero known as Lee Archer.”

“Aren't you suppose to be dead.” Said the woman, “I mean you got killed by Jade Dragon. Right? I mean that is what I heard from stories people told me. Well, for one I thought you were dead.”

Mason laughed, “ A lot of people think so, but i retired of being a hero longbefore Jade Dragon was even around. Buckshot wasn't lucky. He had to be killed by the villain, Savage, but as you can see I am alive very much like you are and rest of the world is.”

The woman smiled at Mason, “I can see that your are alive. I can also see that those stories are wrong. Right. So what is that like an urban legend or something?” Asked the woman.

“Yes, you could say that.” Said Mason, “May I come in?”

“Yes.” Said the woman opening the door so Mason could walk in. “Jenna!” Shouted the woman. A pale girl with long black hair came walking down the stairs, she looked at Mason confused. Mason saw to see a little girl and a little boy playing together.

“Mommy, who is this man.” Asked the little girl.

“Jenna.” Said her mother, “This Mason, explain to him the weird stuff that has been happening to you” She then looked towards the boy, “Zack, play outside I need to talk to Jenna about something.”

“Okay.” Said the little boy grabbing his action figures and walking to the door to go and play outside.

“Would you like a glass of lemonade or something to drink?” Asked the woman.

“Yes please. A glass of lemonade would do.” Said Mason.

“Okay, I go and get you a glass then, Jenna do you want one too?” The mother asked her child, the little girl shook her head yes. The mother then went into the kitchen to get Jenna and Mason a glass of refreshing lemonade to drink.

“Are you Jenna?” Mason asked the little girl.

“Yes.” The little girl answered.

“Do you want to tell me what as been happening to you, the past weeks?” Asked Mason. The girl nodded.

“One time.” The girl started started to explain, “At recess, me and some other kids were playing four square, when the ball came to me, I went to hit it.” The girllooked at Mason still confused, now scared, “But when I went to hit it, I saw flames, and went it went to the next person he said it melted. They all pointed towards me and called me names.”

“What were the names?” Asked Mason.

“They called me a freak.” Said the little girl stating to cry.

“Listen, Jenna, there is people like you.” Said Mason.

“Really?” Asked the little girl.

“Yes, there is a school for people like you.” Said Mason. Just then the mother came in the room.

Jenna, go play outside with your brother.” Said her mother, Jenna went to get her brother and went to play with him. The mother looked towards Mason. “Is there really a school, for people like Jenna?”

“Yes, but she isn't old enough, her powers are still developing there is no idea what the might even be yet, it may looked like she was pryo mastery, when she is old enough to go to the school, her powers might of changed.” Said Mason.

“I see.” Said the mother.

“Mrs. Aston.” Said Mason.

“Please just call me Susan.” Said Mrs. Aston.

“Okay, Susan.” As Mason said this he pulled a notebook from his jacket, “This a notebook, use it to write down any changes of Jenna's powers, if they change you know you know where to find and contact me.” Said Mason.

“Right, Mr. Todd.” Said Susan, “Thank you.”

“Please, its my job.” Said Mason exiting the house and back into his car.

“Mommy.” Said Jenna.

“Yes honey.” Said Susan.

“Am I a freak?” Asked Jenna.

“No honey, you're aren't.” Said Susan.

“Then why was that man there, asking what happened yesterday.” Asked Jenna.

Because, there is a school where you can go, with people who wouldn't call you a freak, Mr. Todd was here to see if you qualified for the school.” Explained Susan, “And besides, those kids at school, don't know what they are talking about.”

“Oh okay.” Said Jenna exiting the room.

“Jenna.” Said her mother.

“Yes, mommy?” Said Jenna.

“Don't pay attention to what those kids have to say, okay.” Said Susan.

“Okay, I won't.” Said Jenna, “Mommy, I love you.”

“I love you too, Jenna.” Said Susan smiling. Susan garbed the notebook and looked hard at it. She went to the garbage can and threw the notebook, nobody on earth had the right to call Jenna's a freak, not even a hero like Mason Todd.

She had stopped to look to see a picture that hanged in the hallway. It was a picture of a man. The man wore a gray trench coat with black jeans and holding a gun with one hand and the other he held a ball of fire. It was Buckshot, her husband. “It's not easy, with you gone.” Said Susan, “Now Jenna has the same powers as you. I wish you were here. Its not the same without you around here.”


Third-teen Jenna Aston ran out of Silver City Middle School crying. She was running from the students that made fun of her. They had called her freak because they claimed they saw setting the school on fire. Jenna didn't mean too, her powers just got out of control. Now, Jenna was paying the price of her out of control powers. Jenna was now running away, just in case if more students come and make even more fun of her.

“Jenna!” Shouted a voice, of a dark haired boy running, trying to avoid the mob of people trying to get of the school for summer break. That voice had belonged to Jenna's only friend, her best friend, Tyler Gates, she had always called him Ty, well everyone pretty much had called him Ty.

“Jenna wait up!” Ty shouted trying to keep up with her.

“Go away!” Jenna shouted back. “Your just like everyone in school is. You are just want to laugh at me.”

“No, I'm not.” Said Ty, “Jenna please listen to me.”

“Your just here to make fun of me some more.” Said Jenna, “Like the other kids, your going to join them.”

“Why would I want to join in one making fun of you?” Asked Ty, “Jenna. I would never do that.”

“I saw you talking to all the people who make fun of us.” Shouted Jenna back, “Don't lie.”

“No.” Said Ty, “I'm not here to make fun of you.” Said Ty.

“Go away.” Shouted Jenna.

“No.” Said Ty.

“Then tell me.” Said Jenna, “Tell me why you are here.”

“I'm not here to make fun of you.” Ty paused for a moment, “Why would I make of you?”

Lies.” Said Jenna, tears running down her face, “All lies, nothing but lies. Stop lying.”

“I'm not.” Said Ty, “I am your friend. Why would you ever doubt you Jenna. Why do you think that about people.”

“Because Ty, your like the others.” Said Jenna, “I thought I had friend. Guess I was wrong.”

“I am your friend!” Shouted Ty, “I've always been your friend, why would I make fun of you. Your my friend.”

“You was your friend.” Said Jenna.

“What do you mean by that?” Asked Ty, “What do you mean by, you were my friend?”

“I saw you talking to Jessica.” Said Jenna.

“What do you mean?” Asked Ty, slightly annoyed.

Jessica hates me.” Said Jenna, “I saw you talking to her, you have any idea of how I feel know? She makes fun of me Ty. She calls me mean names, I thought you knew that.”

“Jenna.” Said Ty, “Talking to Jessica doesn't have anything to to with our friendship. Why would you think that?”

“To late.” Said Jenna, “Bye, Ty.” Jenna was running away from Ty.

Ty had ran after her, “Jenna!” Ty would shout her name, but Jenna would ignore him and would keep on running away from him. “Jenna, wait up.” Said Ty.

“No!” Shouted Jenna as she was running. She looked back and pointed back to the school as she had raised her mom, her arm had been consumed by flames.

“Jenna, are you--”

“No.'” Said Jenna, she flailed her arm in anger, but the flames had gotten bigger and bigger.

Ty had walked up to her, “Here let me.” He said as his hand on her arm. Jenna thought he would burn, but he didn't. When his hand made contact with her arm, the flames had died down. Ty looked at her, “How does that feel?”

“How did you do that?” Asked Jenna pulling her arm from Ty's hand.

“I was born be able to do this.” Ty said, “I can see were the same. Both born with abilities that nobody can explain. Why, did the other students call us freaks, what is wrong with being different?”

“I don't know.” Said Jenna, “I can see your not running in fear like the others do. Why Ty, why do continue to be my friend even though others call me freak?”

“Because, I need to tell you something.” Said Ty.

“What is it?” Asked Jenna.

“I've always had feelings for you.” Said Ty.

“What kind of feelings Ty?” Asked Jenna.

“This feeling.” Said Ty.

Ty then kissed Jenna on the lips. Jenna didn't pull away. She had always had a crush on Ty, she did not know Ty felt the same way about her as she did to him. Somehow it felt wrong. Jenna then pulled away from Ty. Ty looked confused. Didn't she had loved him?

“What's wrong?” Asked Ty.

“Nothing.” Said Jenna, “It just feels wrong.”

“Why?” Asked Ty, “Why does it feel wrong? I mean what's wrong kissing a guy like me.”

“I doesn't feel wrong.” Said Jenna, “It felt good, but it felt wrong at the same way.”

“Why does it feel wrong?” Asked Ty.

“Our families hat each other.” Said Jenna, “There's no way that we can date. Whenever I'm around you, Tyler.”

Ty smiled, whenever Jenna would call Ty by his full name he knew something was wrong and she was serous, “Why would I tell her about it. She hates someone in her family who isn't normal. I guess that is why she doesn't like you or your mother.”

“You didn't tell your mom about you having ice powers?” Asked Jenna, “Ty, why didn't you tell her?”

“I don't want to be sent away like my brother was because he didn't agree with my mother.” Said Ty, “I don't want to be away from you either.”

Jenna began to cry. She dug her head into Ty's chest, “Ty, I'm scared.”

“Why?” Asked Ty.

“Your mother hates me. I don't know how us dating will somehow make it better.” Said Jenna still crying.

Ty had put his hand on her head, “It will be fine. We can make this work. Jenna I know we can.”

Jenna had stopped crying, “Are you sure?” Jenna had dug her head in Ty's chest and started to cry.

Ty had put his hand on her head and softly and slowly said, “Don't worry Jenna. Everything will be fine.”

“Are you sure?” Asked Jenna in the midst of her tears.

Positive.” Said Ty, “I don't care what my mother thinks of you. It won't change how I feel about you and how I feel when I'm around you.”

Jenna had manged a weak smile, “I'm not sure Ty.”

“Why?” Asked Ty.

“I just do.” Said Jenna, “I just have a feeling that we are not to met to be.”

“Why would you say a thing like that?” Asked Ty with slight anger in his soft voice he had.

“I just have this strange felling.” Said Jenna.

“Relax, it will be fine.” Said Ty, “I promise.”

“How are sure everything will be fine?” Said Jenna.

“I just do.” Said Ty.

“How?” Asked Jenna.

“Just trust me.” Said Ty smiling.


Jenna had hugged Ty in a tight hug. Ty slowly had hugged her back. Ty knew that whatever had happened, that he and Jenna would be broken apart.

The two then had kissed again.

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