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by shadow-phoegon

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it's about the personification of hate



Deep down on the inside,

a valiant creature awaits.

Like the very fires of hell it swells up and

spits words and hurtful thoughts,


Rampant raging beast roaring as

the calmness ceases in the soul.


Still clenching the mind,

it claws into your throat.

Things you never would say come spilling out

like blood from a deeply cut wound.

Ferocious violent demon invoking

the black pain hidden in the heart.


Unnerving transfixtion of the body,

fists are raised and teeth are clenched.

The simple relief of torturing the subject you dislike.

Devouring the merciless cries you engage

as you butcher in the imagination.

Creeping entity of catastrophic darkeness

the eyes, bloody red, who watch from the inside.



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