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An Untitled Letter

by flyingfordarkness

Libraries: Drama, Original Fiction

Published on / 1 Chapter(s) / 1 Review(s)

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A fictional suicide letter.


To whom picks up this letter,


Take a good hard long look at your life.  Your accomplishments, your triumphs, the people in your life, the amount of happiness you give others....


Now look at all the times you failed, you hurt someone else, the amount of loneliness you feel from a day to day basis.  Loving your significant other with out them showing a shred of love back.


You just realized how alone you really are didn’t you?  Yea, well that is how I feel with every minute of every day.  The feelings are so harsh that the only way out is to escape forever.  A simple pull of the trigger, kick of a chair, swift slash with a knife.  That way is so much simpler then having to deal with the assholes that     you call your “friends” who wouldn’t give two shits about you.  


Best Regards,


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