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It's beautiful

by jadenrshadow

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Male/Male - Shounen-Ai, Romance, Song Fic, Yu-Gi-Oh

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Bakura's late

Chapter 1



OK so I was half asleep and hung over when I wrote this, please don't kill me

Can't close my eyes
They're wide awake
Every hair on my body
has got a thing for this place
Oh empty my heart
I've got to make room for this feeling
so much bigger than me

Ryou sat on his bed, looking at his lap. He's late. Frustrated tears ran down the boy's face.

Ryou lay on his bed, gently rubbing his swollen belly with a smile. "I don't suppose you know were your papa is, do you little one?" The unborn child kicked the inside of his father's stomach. "Didn't think so." He sighed. "What are we going to do with him? The three of us have to go to Egypt in the morning, and I have to pack for him!"

It couldn't be any more beautiful - I can't take it in.

Bakura walked slowly down the street toward the home he shared with his hikari. He's probably all ready in bed. They younger boy tired out easier these day, just as the mini-pharaoh and Tomb Keeper, not to mention the priest's mutt.

We're going to the temple tomorrow. Bakura smiled sadly. I'm going to be a father! He remembered when Ryou had told him. His hikari was so excited. After the shock had worn off, Bakura had been just as excited, unnerved but excited.

A child, a small being that was half him. The thought brought a tear to his eye.

Weightless in love...unraveling
For all that's to come
and all that's ever been
We're back to the board
with every shade under the sun
Let's make it a good one

He's so late. Ryou rolled out of their bed, and moved toward the window.

Then he saw him. His silver hair falling around his face as looked up at the window to the room, his red eyes misting over.

Ryou placed a hand on the cool glass. "Kura." He whispered.

It couldn't be any more beautiful - I can't take it in.

Bakura saw the figure move to the window that he was looking at. "Ryou." He ran to the door and up the stairs, throwing the door to the apartment open. "Ryou!"

There he was, standing in the door to the bedroom. "You should be in bed!"

"I can't sleep without you beside me," The smaller boy whispered rubbing his back. "You know that. Now come to bed." He held out his hand.

Bakura smiled and took his hikari's hand.

It couldn't be any more beautiful, the way his love looked in the moon light.

Bakura:I'M A SISSY!

Shadow: cringes I'm sorry! It just came out like that!

Ryou:Throws open the door to the writing room Will the two of you knock it off I just got the baby to sleep!

Shadow:Looks guilty Sorry

Bakura: Smirk

Ryou:You're in as much trouble as she is mister

Shadow:Thanks for reading, next chappy about our little bundle of joy!

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