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by Dragomira

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let me take you to a ordinary evening when reality and dreams collapse. London, a teenage girl, is trying to survive in a world where reality is her worst nightmare...



,,Don't go there, don't..."London lied on her bed, staring at the white empty ceiling.
,,Don't go to the dark."
A cold shiver ran down my spine, as i closed my eyes.the last couple of days and nights hadn't been particulary... normal.



i felt my eyes burning and sighed.she just wanted to go to sleep, but even escaping to dreams wasn't an option, beacause it wasn't only the days that were... strange, also the nights.

in my nightmares, there were flashes of things like smoke, streetstones and screams for was like i was in hell, everywhere i looked there were screams, but i couldn't see anything.

i was blind for everything except the red flashes of the blood from those who screamed.

,,don't... don't go..." my eyelids were so heavy... did it matter? one night. just one night filled with sweet dreams and other rainbow-ish happy stuff...

her eyes closed softly, as she entered the dark.



she shivered everytime the cold brown streetstones touched the bare skin.

surrounded by a thick grey mist filled with screams, and flashes blood of those who screamed.i closed my eyes, scared by the sound of tortured people who were probably fighting for their life...i didnt know what was atacking them, i couldnt see where, or even what it was.slowly walking further over the old looking stones, step by step, shivering, scared, claustrophobic by the mist.out fo nowhere, a face appeared in front of was cold, with black eyes with dark circles underneath them. and so was me, i was staring at myself. a colder version. the long black hair was supposed to be brown, just like the eyes.the expression was too cold, she opened her mouth slowly as i keep staring at her; completely in trance."stay... out... of the dark..." she whispered to me.her pale face was close to mine and if i had the courage, i could've touched her pale face. MY pale face.but tried to run away with limp and senseless legs.that limpness seemed to spread trough my whole body, starting with my chest, further and further, till the tips of my fingers and toes.i raised my hand and looked at it.there was nothing odd, except the fact that it became blurrier every second.a scream and darkness. i was trying to run away from it, but it came after me, filling the cold caught me and devoured me.



no last evil laugh, as i excpected, no dramatic face fading away.she just wasnt there.



the first thing i felt, really felt, was the beating of my heart in my head.the next thing i felt was the pain.,,uuuughh..." i grabbed my head and realized something.i was back in my room.

the headache faded away as i became more and more aware of my enviroment. the room, my room, with the lightbrown walls, the paintings i made, the little table with my clock half in front of the bed, the pulsing, somewhat rocking leters...

i frowned. ,,wait, back up just a sec, this isnt normal... is it?" the pulsing, rocking, shaking letters hypnotized me a little bit, as my thoughts wandered of.


 the last couple of days had been weird, and tiring, as i discovered that some things just weren't right. papers moved by itsself, without any wind, walls looked and felt like rubber, things moved without me touching was always those little things that scared me, especially when everybody else seemed to think of it as "normal" when i said my stencil disappeared.


tired and kinda weak, i slowly got up, longing for answers.the red numbers illuminated my pale face as i slowly walked towards the alarm clock.11.55, that was 5 minutes before midnight...

the clock felt hot when i touched it, too hot, i pulled my hand back and wrote a mental note.note to self: buy new alarm clock.

the letters kept pulsing and rocking, and i lifted my hand again to touch them. a scream behind me and the coldness from my dream, my heartbeats quickened, but i didn't turn around.this was real, reality, there shouldnt be any screams in here... and that cold, terrible cold...face, whispers? soon as that word crossed my mind, the screaming tense shoulders relaxed a little bit and i slowly turned around. not knowing what to excpect.

the other corner of my room was full of a black mist, misty yet sharp looking.i gasped and turned to the door, but the black thing blocked that way. instinctively i felt that when i'd touch it, i'd die. no compromises, no sweet words to comfort me, easy, hard.

i jumped on my bed again while feeling hot tears running down my face. hysterical and at the same time not able to produce a scream.the thing crawled up to me as i pressed myself against the wall.

it embraced me as i could clearly hear the whispers, it dragged me down. it crawled up to me, making my body limp, pressing against me, the only free part was my face now. i struggeled and tryied to trow it off of me, without result.

it came higher and higher and inside my mouth,down my throat, filling me from the inside with darkness and making every thought slow and heavy, like i had to drag them trough mud.and i surrendered, what else could i do? it slowly covered my eyes, and i lost touch with what i thought was reality.



my eyes flew open, i noticed the streetstones again, cold, wet.i wasurrounded by mist, again, not the black one, but the grey one, numb yet filled with screams and blood.slowly walking forward. id ask her(myself?) the girl in the end what was happening to me.the screams made me cover my ears, as the tears were the only bit of warmt, running down my face.i finally found my voice back and screamed, where was she? my passes slowed down, my legs shivering like rubber, and i almost collapsed. ,,COME HERE! WHERE ARE YOU?! GO AWAY!!"

i wasnt really poetic, but then again, i had no idea where i was or what was happening to me.

through the mist i saw a silhouette of my height, back turned at me, just standing there calmly like nothing was happening around her.

i stopped, the courage i seemed to have a minute ago was nowhere to be seen, but my reflection seemed to feel my presence and turned around.

her piercing eyes stare right into my soul and seemed to read every broken, slightly hysterical thought.

keep it... she knows... let her know... my eyes started to burn and i blinked quickly, while she kept staring into them.

i swallowed while she came closer, still staring at me and suddenly i saw something in her eyes... fear? yes, definetly.

i was shocked, she was calm, she treathened me, this was her place, right? her pale face was close to mine, she grabbed my wrists and placed her forehead against mine, i shivered by her (my?) touch.

,,i told you!" she screamed at me. ,,i-i warned you..." she slowly lifted one hand, holding both my wrists in the other one, and aimed for my heart.

i struggeled against her hand and tried to pull myself free and run but she was too strong,

i could only watch while her hand came closer to my chest, i could only imagine what would happenin this world where nothing made sense anymore...

,,no!" i screamed, a tear ran down her face as she placed her hand on my chest.a white shock, the screams fading away, everything, fading away.

i saw my room, the numbers on my clock, 0.00, but didnt feel my heartbeat... 


the light of the early dawn shone through the window, on London's lifeless body, still staring at the clock with her glass looking eyes.and no one would know what happened, in the last dream she'd ever have...


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