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by Dragomira

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What starts out with a man and a obsession ends in a bloody act of revenge. I suck at summaries. please read the story and sweet dreams after that. :P



The watch on his arm told him it was six-thirty, and probably time to get dressed.
Today he chose for black (very professional) with a light blue shirt and a grey tie.
Suddenly his hands stopped fixing his tie and began to shake lightly. (Clean the coins… gotta clean the coins…) he ran to his jacket, hanging on a hook at the right side of this front door, and grabbed his wallet. He had to clean his coins. Everyday. It was his routine, if he didn\'t clean the coins, god knew what might happen. Some people called him crazy, some people just neurotic, but he knew he wasn\'t, and that was all that mattered. As long as he… “Had cleaned the coins.,, finishing your thoughts out loud, he had to keep in mind not to do that at work. His hands found the wallet and pulled it open, his banknotes slowly descending like confetti while the coins made loud ticking noises on the black, stone floor. He picked one up and held it against the light: with a smile on his face he let out a quick, relieved laugh. (You\'re one neurotic fool, Alex.) maybe he was, who knew? And who cared? He didn\'t, that was one thing for sure.
“Son of a…,, a loud claxon finished his sentence. Everything was stuck, and now he had to wait behind a big smelling Scania-truck with the thought of being too late.
He drove the two inches forward, and couldn\'t help to see it as a small victory. He was officially the saddest person in the world. (Now back up just a sec, they made you like this. That whole work and cars and “how about you do this? And that?” they cut away every wild part of you and what are you gonna do about it?)
He cut off a VW who tried to zip in in front of him. The midlife crisis one, totally.
“Mr. Rigby?,, god he hated that voice, and the man where it belonged to even more. “yes Mr. Alberts?,, Tom Alberts, last on the universal Men Who Get Laid List; he had kind of a pigs nose which, in combination with his constant frown and potbelly, reminded Alex of a wild hog. Always sweaty, bossy, loud, son-of-a-bitch-first class “Mr.” Alberts was his boss.
“what do you think about what Mr. Kurling just said? Cause as you know, we value the opinion of every person in this room, and since you\'re in the room-,, he chuckled like this was the best joke he ever came up with, and sadly enough that was almost true. “would I like to hear yours too,,
“oh really? Why?,,
Mr. Alberts tried to come up with a comeback but failed horribly. And technically speaking he didn\'t have a reason to hate me now, considered there wasn\'t any proof to tell that I had no fucking clue where this guys were talking about. (it was 6 `o clock in the evening, what did he expect on a meeting like this?)
The moment I left the building was a glorious one.
Too bad the traffic had other ideas.
It worked relaxing, he could spend hours being busy with them. But not today, cause today Victoria would come.
This was his time, only h- a knock on the door, as he got nervous. This was his routine, if he didn\'t finish all his coins at once...
A loud cry left his throat, as he dropped a coin. (you\'re not handling this... crazy... when Lloyd called him neurotic... and he left... the cowards way out... queen of my kingdom... and when he left... his kingdom... he would take... her with me?... and she... said he was crazy but that didn\'t matter... not to him...her screams... it didn\'t matter... not to him.)
“Alex? What happened today?,,
A little voice in the back of her head warned her, he had only once invited her, and he didn\'t even noticed what he said until he saw her in his modern mostly white living room, or at least that was what she could make up out of his slightly confused eyes...
This time was different, too smooth. He would never do that, would he?
He closed the door behind her and locked it, before turning to her.
She nodded as she watched him go, wondering what had upset him so much.
Alex found himself for the first time this month, looking at her face in disgust, he almost offered her the throne, when she had to do the worst thing a woman could do, ruin the magical time of relaxation between him and his coins. She had ruined everything, he was alone in the dark now. Good thing he'd drag her down with him.
He realised he was in his bedroom, and also realised that there was a crowbar behind his bed. This was just a little thing from his youth, his mother used to keep a crowbar there in case a thief or throat slitter would slip into the house, and he had kept doing that, even though he lived in a apartment on the eighth floor with a solid door between him(her?) and the staircase.
She would pay.
When Victoria saw him coming out of the bedroom she let out a little sigh of relief, for a moment she thought he wouldn't get out of there. “you ready?,,
The next swing was right between her shoulder blades, the dark trying to take over her eyes as she fought against it for her life.
“stop bleeding on my floor, traitor.,, a harsh voice said behind her, another swing, another shot of pain. her own hysterical cries, crawling forward, keep going, the pain in her back was unbearable. SWOOSH. a loud scream and red torturing pain taking over her body and dragging it down..
From the corner of her eye she saw the silhouette of Alex with something shiny in his hand, he slowly walked to her.
The first light of the early dawn shone through the big window on Alex\'s apartment on the eighth floor. He smiled as he held a coin in the light, it shone more bright than ever, like it was smiling back at him. He placed the coin on a little towel and took the next one. The blood dripped off of it, as he wiped it away with the second towel in his hands. There was that smile again, and in the end, the traitor had paid for her disturbance. Paid to his coins with her own blood.




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