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// Artistic View on Love //

by Osukaradino

Libraries: Original Fiction, Romance

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My muse with the many faces,

The thing that doesn't change her smile..

Been fairly anxious to locate her,

That which I cannot lie...

Hope you find intrigue in me,

That my words hit beyond the mind..

Been patient with the selection,

Scars that itch of the pursuit for the find..

Fear I won't let it hinder my chase,

The love I attempt for, is everlasting...

Ensuing tomorrows that are filled with us,

No longer alone setting up castings...

Our canvases filled with the lead roles,

Something that would transcend time..

Finally be able to wake up in the a.m.,

And hear her say, "Your mine"...



ODL (EyesOfHeart)

(Something I wrote on the fly during my 30 min cool off @gym.. I hope you guys like it)

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