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A Mario and Luigi Brothers Short Story

by BamboozledByAnime

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I know it's not anime, but I wanted to write a fan-fic story for Luigi, as being the main character because he hardly ever gets any anymore. So, this is like a tribute sort to speak for Luigi. The beggining may be kinda cheesy, but funny, and it does get better, trust me :) my friends have liked it thus far and I hope you will too. Happy reading.

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Chapter 1, The Jelousy, the challenge.

Luigi was enjoying a nice summer day

outside picking up the daisies which were

popping up around the warp pipes. While he

was picking flowers, he began to reminisce

about the old days when his brother Mario

and him, had to save Princess Toadstool as a

team, becuase as of late, it's been his

brother who has been getting all the

praising with the new Super Mario games

which have been coming out in stores.

Wham! The Mushroom Castle doors flung

open with Mario running out and calling for

Luigi in a joyous mood.

"Luigi, Luigi! Where are you?"

"I'm over here Mario" said Luigi while

waving to his brother. "What are you so

happy about?" Luigi asked.

"Princess Toadstool has just sanctioned

another Nintendo game for me called, "Mario

and The Search For The Lost Star" Mario


Luigi's eyes began to grow wide in

shock and was breathing in and out harder,

while his fists were balling up in rage at

the thought of another game for the all-too-

perfect plumber brother of his.

"No way!" Luigi yelled. "This isn't

fair, how come you get all the glory in the

games and I'm left fixing things in the


Mario didn't know what had come over

his brother; usually when he had news of a

new game featuring himself, Luigi would tell

him, "Wow, really?" and then head down a

warp pipe somewhere.

Mario asked his brothe, "You're not

happy for me Luigi? I thought YOU of all

people would be happiest for me."

Luigi was looking ready to blow his

green hat clear off his head like a volcano

blowing its top. "Momamia!" said Luigi,

slapping his forehead. "Don't you see? Don't

you get it? You're the one out on all the

adventures, you're the one who gets the

respect and I'm sick of being the one who's

always in your shadow. No more!"

Luigi took a white plumber's glove from

his right overall pocket and whipped it

right across his brother's face with a whack

that echoed all around the Mushroom

Kingdom. "I challenge you to a duel Mario,

and the duel will be: whoever is the first

to stomp 10 goombas in the least amount of


Mario was rubbing his red cheek while

staring at Luigi, not believing that his own

brother had smacked him with a glove, least

of all, challenging him to a goomba stomping

duel when everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom

knows that he is the best goomba-stomper

around. 'Alright, I accept your challenge,

we shall also make a wager that if I win the

duel, then you must quit your sissy

blubbering about not being in any games or

being in my shadow nosense."

"And if I win?" asked Luigi.

"If you win, then I'll let you

participate in any games or adventures I do

in the future, course, not like anyone will

want to buy games with you in them or have

someone like you go on an adventure for that

matter. Ha-ha! Deal?" asked Mario, holding

out his hand with a smirk on his face.

Luigi had been standing there with his

arms crossed while tapping his foot,

impatiently staring up at the sky. He looked

down at the hand, thought for a second, then

accepted the deal, shaking his brother's

hand with a look of confidence on his face

and a fiery passion burning in his eyes to

win this game.

With that, the plumber brothers ran

towards the closest warp pipe and jumped in,

ready to test each other's skill at goomba


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