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The Third Princess

by redlotus

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Bunny and Kakyu were princesses together but what if there was a third that belonged to the shadows of the moon...

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Chapter 1, Characters

The Royal Family

Bunny- Bunny is also Serenity, Moon Princess of the Silver Millennium. Her mother, Queen Serenity, sent Princess Serenity and her court to the future when Queen Beryl attacked the Moon Kingdom. Many centuries later Bunny takes the form of Sailor Moon to protect the earth from invaders with her boyfriend Dairen and her court.

Darien- Darien was Endymion, prince of earth. He met Princess Serenity on a diplomatic mission to the moon and fell in love with her. He was wounded in the fight against Queen Beryl, so Queen Serenity sent him back in time with the others to help them when Queen Beryl woke again. He fights as Tuxedo Mask when Sailor Moon is in danger and is currently a freshman in college.

Rini- Rini is Darien and Bunny\'s daughter from the 30th century. She came from the future to ask Sailor Moon\'s help in saving her mother, Queen Serenity of the New Silver Millennium - who had fallen into a coma - not realizing that they were the same person. She is currently back in the future with her Sailor Scouts, who she rescued from imprisonment by hypnosis when they were abducted and taken to fight Sailor Moon in the 20th century. She fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Mini Moon and is the Moon Princess in the future.

Princess Kakyu- Princess Kakyu is the princess of a planet outside the solar system where the in habitants live extremely longer lives land the normal person. So she was there with Princess Serenity studying with her when Queen Beryl attacked and she was only a few years older when she met Princess Serenity again in the future when she helped defeat Galaxia.

The Inner Sailor Scouts

Amy- Amy family is very rich since her mother is a doctor and her father is a famous painter. She\'s Tokyo\'s resident genius. She also fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Mercury, Sailor of Knowledge and Water, since she was part of Princess Serenity\'s court during the Silver Millennium. She was also the princess from Mercury back before the water dried up after the fall of the Silver Millennium.

Mina- Mina is in the volleyball club and dreams of being a singer. She fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Venus, Sailor of Love and Light, and she was also part of Princess Serenity\'s court. Mina was the Princess of Venus from before the atmosphere became poisonous after the fall of the Silver Millennium.

Raye- Raye is the Head Priestess at her Shinto temple, where she lives with her grandpa, and can sense when evil is near. She also sometimes has prophetic dreams when the danger is grave. She argues with Bunny on almost a daily basis but they are actually good friends. She fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Mars, Sailor of Loyalty and Fire, and was the closest member of the court to Princess Serenity. She was the Princess of Mars from before huge fires swept across her planet from after the fall of the Silver Millennium.

Lita- Lita loves to cook, ice skate, and is very maternal but she\'s the strongest of the four Inner Sailor Scouts. She fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Jupiter, Sailor of Spirit and Thunder. and was part of Princess Serenity\'s court. She was also the Princess of Jupiter from before a huge thunder storm fried her planet after the fall of the Silver Millennium.

The Outer Sailor Scouts*

Hotaru- Hotaru is the youngest Sailor Scout and she lives with Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna, since her father was taken over and destroyed by an alien parasite bend on using Hotaru as a host body for his Mistress to use to take over the world. Her best friend is Rini and they have saved each others lives so many times they\'ve lost count. Hotaru fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Saturn, Sailor of Balance and Destruction. She was not part of Princess Serenity\'s court. She was under a spell of sleep on her planet because she is the most powerful Sailor, capable of destroying planets and empires, and the Sailors locked her away until they forgot about her because they were afraid. Rini helped change the Sailors see that Sailor Saturn wasn\'t just the Sailor of Destruction but also of balance and change and new beginnings. She is also Princess Saturn but she is the only person who ever lived on her planet.

Haruka- Haruka likes to race people and cars. She can play the piano and accompanies Michiru when she performs. She fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Uranus, Sailor of Determination and Wind, but she was never a part of Princess Serenity\'s court.

Michiru- Michiru is a renown classical violinist and painter. Her paintings are sought after by the most important figure heads and her skills with the violin are admired by the high class of society. She fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Neptune, Sailor of Foresight and the Ocean, but she was never part of Princess Serenity\'s court. She is plagued with clearer visions than Raye that often keep her awake at night. She was the Princess of Neptune and there never were and people on her planet.

Setsuna- Setsuna is a doctor and masquerades as Hotaru\'s mother. She fights with Sailor Moon as Sailor Pluto, Sailor of Time and Death. The Sailors thought she was a myth because she was never seen, but she guarded the Space/Time Door, never ageing, never interfering, never leaving her post. She was relieved of duty when she broke the rules to let Rini into the past to find Sailor Moon and when she interfered to save Sailor Moon\'s life when she was almost blown up. She was Princess of Pluto, but there never were any people on her planet.

* The reason there were never any people on the outer sailor planets was because they were the solar systems first line of defense and the current Sailor couldn\'t be distracted, so it was forbidden to live on any of the planets. Unfortunately it condemned the Sailors to a life of loneliness so Queen Serenity gave the Outer Sailor Scouts palaces with communication systems so they could talk and visit each other at least.

Sailor Stars*

Seiya- Seiya is from a planet outside of earth\'s solar system. He came with the others when Galaxia destroyed their planet and forced them and Princess Kakyu into hiding. On Earth he and the other Sailor Stars took on the roles of pop stars, their group is called Three Lights, to find their Princess since they were separated on their journey to earth. He turns into Sailor Star Fighter, who is a girl, to fight with Sailor Moon. Sailor Star Fighter wasn\'t part of Princess Serenity\'s court, but since Princess Kakyu live on the moon with Queen Serenity instead of back on her planet, Kakyu\'s mother sent the Sailor Stars with her as Kakyu\'s personal guard.

Taiki- Taiki is from the same planet as Princess Kakyu. He also was with Sailor Star Fighter when she went to find Princess Kakyu when their planet was destroyed. Taiki turns into Sailor Star Maker, who is a girl too, to fight with Sailor Moon. Sailor Star Maker was also part of Princess Kakyu\'s personal guard.

Yaten- Yaten is also from the same planet as Princess Kakyu. He was also with the other Sailor Stars when their planet was destroyed. He turns into Sailor Star Healer, also a girl, to fight with Sailor Moon. Sailor Star Healer was also part of Princess Kakyu\'s personal guard.

* The reason the Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten turn into girls in their Sailor form is that the Sailor Stars turned into boys when the fled from their planet hoping that it would disguise them. Since they became public figures they can\'t exactly stay girls all the time, since it would draw attention if Japan\'s hottest band just up and disappeared. So they\'re kind of stuck playing boys.


Ranata- Ranata is a transfer student that keeps to herself and is always reading huge science textbooks, she\'s as smart as Amy. Nobody really knows where she came from only that is was from a really hard background. She doubles as the singer Dark Star who sings at a club every Thursday night and is shot to the top of the charts unknown to Dark Star herself. She has tremendous untapped power and some mysterious connection to Bunny.

Joe- Joe\'s the bouncer at the club that Ranata sings at and is very protective of her because she remind him of his daughter when she was young.

Lenny- Lenny is Ranata\'s boss at the construction cite where Ranata works part time. Originally she was just supposed to do office work but the crane operator got sick and had to take a sick leave, so she was promoted. Lenny cares about Ranata but doesn\'t understand why a girl like her would want to work at a construction cite when she could have so many other jobs.

The Azuma\'s*

Linda- Linda\'s a home maker and she found Ranata wandering around the streets in the dead of winter and brought her home. She took Ranata\'s story in stride and helped her find her memories again.

Donny- Donny treats Ranata like his own children and worries about her because she doesn\'t have many friends her age. He has an inkling of the fact that Ranata works two jobs to help them because unaccountable money shows up in their bank account every week but he can\'t get Ranata to own up about it.

* The Azuma\'s have about eight kids, four boys and four girls, and they all adore Ranata and think of her as their "big sister".


Galaxia- Galaxia used to be the most powerful Sailor Scout in the galaxy but when an ancient evil threaten the entire galaxy she sealed away inside herself and then sealed herself away to protect everyone. Millenniums later the seal was broken and she started rampaging across the galaxy again taking control of the Sailor Scouts of the planets that she destroyed, creating an army of Sailors to attack the earth and take the Silver Imperial Crystal from Princess Serenity.

Queen Beryl- Queen Beryl destroyed the Silver Millennium and wiped out Queen Serenity, who sent Princess Serenity and the others to the future. Enraged that Princess Serenity had escaped with the Silver Imperial Crystal, Queen Beryl followed them to the future only to be defeated by the Inner Sailor Scout and Tuxedo Mask.


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