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Light and Dark are one.

by ArtNoobly

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Old poem from my childhood. I wonder what was going through my head at the time...? I'm sure it wasn't good.

Place of tearful silence. World of misty gray.

A mouth sewn shut with self-doubt. The unheard screaming. 

It's song remains unsung. There is no one to hear it.

The wounds it bears can never heal. Time cannot undo this.

A place long lost, forgotten. Somewhere between the glittering lights and dusty shadows.

Corner of the human heart also forgotten.  Happy memories collecting rust and dust.

Spun from a glass thread of glittering lies.

With eyes wide shut and a heart full of secret rose colored truths.

Too afraid to see them for the real dirty truths.

Walking in a mindless rut. Feeling rotten to the core.

Waiting for the day when the pain is no more.

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