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by Dragomira

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I've been a bit down lately. so here's the product. the only thing written in weeks... coverpic is kind of unrelated. I was actually saving it for the next story.


A/N: I've been a bit depressed lately, okay. so let's do this. let's just.. write it into a depressed poem and pread it on the internet like peanutbutter on a cracker. 

A nice and safe barrier between you and palls.
With death and insanity written on walls.
The light pouring as water, and colder than dew;
remindings of when the shards of glass flew.

Was it in dark streets, when mist filled your head?
Or were you wondering, in a field filled with dread?
Was it the characters of books you once knew?

Or was it YOUR hand, with YOUR wrist that it threw?

Pacing at night, ticking seconds on clocks,
waiting like a lover, alone in the docks.
And when the shooting calms down, and your wounds start to heal;
you recall the glorious times you could feel.

They're coming to get you, what drives you insane.
Too cursed with the truth to deny their little game.
"Please take me in, I'll be safe for a while.,,
Running to your cage with a victory smile.

A/N (again) : so yeah I might work it into a new story or something I dunno. hope you liked it. hope you're not getting more nightmares of my stuff than usual. try diet coke. it actually doesnt work.

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