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BNB: Life at the Lake house

by thespokesman

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Just a normal day in the life, for Nick!

                The wheel of my cart spun round and round giving off a low death whine. It matched fairly well with the tinkling elevator music the store seemed to believe improved it's ambiance. The out of the way upper class grocery was certainly more expensive than a big-box store, but in general it was worth it. There were fewer people and a little less racket. Another plus was that this store still had a butcher.

                I pulled up alongside the meat counter, there were plenty of choices and it was all fresh. I selected a rack of baby back ribs, a brisket, and some chicken. I waited quietly as the man behind the counter wrapped up my selection. 

                Soon the silence was interrupted. A haggard looking woman wheeled by, a toddler sitting in the front of the basket. The child pointed furiously at a display.

"Use your words." The mother encouraged.

The child in turn shrieked at the top of its lungs slapping its tiny hands on the cart handle and slamming its heels into the cart. Clang! Clang! Clang! Two older girls followed chatting on their cellphones. In response to their screaming sibling they plugged their ears and spoke louder.

"Oh my God! No way! What did she say?!"

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

                I rubbed the back of my neck and squeezed the handle of my cart. Thankfully they moved along , but the child's shouts and squeals still echoed throughout the building. I sighed.  At least I didn't have to worry about anymore shopping. We had veggies coming out of our butts and I had a big pot of homemade barbeque sauce stashed in the fridge. Braxton had made up big pitchers of tea and lemonade. Really something I should have done, but I can never get the sugar right.

                At last the man came back with my selections all wrapped up and in a fancy paper bag with barcode sticker stuck to the outside. I reached up taking the bag and thanking him. I leaned in to lower the heavy bag into my cart. As I came back up I caught an older woman glaring at me from over her narrow glasses with open disapproval. 

                That look was always much easier to discern than the cause. Maybe she thought my top was far too sheer. Maybe my shorts were too short. Perhaps she didn't like the way my breasts moved, only supported by a bikini top. Could she think my minimal makeup still too dark? Maybe she didn't like the way my belly became exposed when I raised my arms. Or maybe she just thought I wasn't toned enough for my clothes, my belly too soft and my thighs too thick.

                In the end I guess it didn't matter. I would never know the exact cause and she would never know who I was. Still, I wanted to rub it in a bit. I made a show of stretching my back out, thrusting my chest out and wiggling a bit. Whatever wanted to jiggle, did. The woman grabbed her aging husband and hurried away.

                I snorted and took my cart up to the front registers. The girl that checked me out was new and nice enough. The bag boy however was not new and kept giving me uneasy glances. Next visit the girl would probably be less calm. I had gained a bit of a reputation as a trouble making bitch, you know, the term often used for woman who don't take any bullshit. I scooped up my bag before the twitchy bag boy could get his hands on it. I didn't need nor care for an escort.

                The short heels of my strappy sandals clicked onto the concrete  outside the automatic doors.  Two young men walked toward the entrance, but stopped to turn and whistle at me. Maybe it would have been better to ignore them and keep walking, but what can I say? It's just not in my nature.

"Damn baby! Need some fries to go with that shake?!" The taller, thin one called. His shorter companion hung back watching with a smirk.

I stopped and turned toward them. I looked him up and down. Eighteen or nineteen, not bad looking for a Mundane, probably popular with the girls. That would explain the entitled attitude.

"You wanna party with us ,doll?" He asked with a cocky ass grin.

I didn't say anything I just met his eyes.

                Some people have lost the ability to read body language. Too stupid to even remember their own animal instincts. It was how vampires still survived, idiots ignoring the feeling in their gut telling them, run. Predator. Most people simply over look the tiny aggressions in day to day life. The never ending pecking order of dominant and submissive. But, me? I was raised in that, I breathed it and more often than not my message came across. Even to the stupid.

Try me little boy.

I dare you.

Test your luck, your strength.

I will eat you alive.

He held my gaze for a few moments, a few heartbeats, but I could see the smile falling from his face. He dropped his eyes.

"Sorry, never mind." He muttered grabbing his friend and pulling him inside.

"Dude! What was that? Dude?"

I rolled my eyes and went on my way to my car. I couldn't wait to get home, the beautiful place were my status was never questioned, never tested. The place where I could just be me and still be loved.


                I tossed my keys onto the counter and washed my hands. Time to get the meat ready.

"Guys?" I called. No answer and the place seemed pretty empty. They were probably outside enjoying their day off.

                 I really couldn't fault them for it, they really only got to spend time together in the afternoons, Salem could stop by at anytime to see me, but visiting Braxton at work was much trickier. Braxton had a good job, but a good job in an office full of Mundanes. Mundanes with nothing better to do than ram their noses into other people's business. We got to visit him once before people started asking questions and spreading rumors.

You leave your girlfriend alone with some guy?

You seem awful chummy with your roommate.

Why would they visit you together? Something's up. Better nip that in the bud.

We aren't ashamed of how we live, but we know that broadcasting it is asking for trouble. It's a mess, society. A dirty, stinking, judgmental mess.


                I coated the meat in a rub, washed my hands and took the platter outside to the grill. I left the meat covered and went to work getting a fire going. As I fussed with the coals I could see Salem and Braxton down at the pier. They had laid out several beach towel and were busy sunning themselves.

                I got the meat on the grill and shut the lid. If I left it going low and slow I had a while to goof around myself. I made my way down the stone steps to the pier.

"Is this really what you two do when I'm away? Just lounge around and stare longingly into each other's eyes?"

Braxton laughed with a snort. "Someone is gunna turn green."

Salem rolled over to look at me. "You're more than welcome to join us. You seem a little stressed."

I shrugged. "Eh, people. You know?" I pulled my top off over my head and wiggled out of my shorts leaving just the bikini I'd been wearing underneath. "They act like I shouldn't dress for summer or some shit."

Braxton flipped over onto his belly and patted the area between him and Salem.  "Come on, forget the Mundanes and relax. Enjoy the rays."

"Careful, Braxton," I said sitting down. "you could lose your hard earned nerd pallor."

"Not with all the sunscreen Salem slathered on me. Now I'll just bake like an undercooked sugar cookie."

I looked over to find Salem squirting a glob of Coppertone into his hand. "Do you really need to waste that? I don't burn. Do I really need sunscreen?"

"Yes." He said simply rubbing his hands together before smearing a thick coat over my shoulders. I groaned and settled down on my stomach.  He loosened the straps of my top and proceeded to rub me down. While I really didn't like the smell or feel of the goop, the massage that came with it was pretty good.

"We should do something fun, let you burn off some of that social rage." Braxton said.

"I'm not raging. See, I'm perfectly relaxed."

He sat up. "I'm gunna be honest. I really don't like sleeping with you when you're pissy. You get way too rough. And you bite."

"Oh, bullshit. I do not."

"Ya kinda do." Salem said rubbing down my calves.

"Who asked you? I've never heard you complaining."

He chuckled. "I'm made of tougher stuff than you two."

"I bruise like a peach." Braxton added.

"I'll buy you some pads." I muttered. "Well, what do you wanna do?"

"Flip over?" Salem asked while Braxton thought.

I sat up holding my top to my chest, but it still shifted. Before I could fix it Braxton snatched it out of my hands. I screamed covering myself best I could. "Braxton!"

He hopped to his feet and took off down to the end of the pier, bouncing off the edge and pulling a flip before hitting the water with barely a splash.

"Braxton!" I yelled pressing myself against Salem to hide my front. "Give that back, we are outside!"

He popped up peeping at me from the end of the pier. "We are the only people that live out this way. Who could see you?"

"A fisherman! A hunter! An airplane!"

"Salem and I put the beaver dam up at the end of the canal, no one is sailing in here without a fucked up motor." He pointed to the woods behind us. "That's pretty much an island, no good hunting there. And I'm sure everyone on a plane is gunna have their binoculars at the ready for a chance to see your boobs."

I glared at him. "Well, when Elmer Fudd stumbles out here, you have to help me hide the body."

He laughed. "Come on! I'll even do a trick for you!" He placed my top over his head like a little bonnet and took a deep breath, holding his arms out. Slowly he rose up out of the water until he was standing atop it. The water churned wildly around his feet holding him up. He had to wobble a bit to keep balanced, but he could still do a silly little bow for me.

"Wouldn't it be easier to turn it to ice?"

"And freeze my feet? Plus I don't think the fish would appreciate it." He beckoned me with both hands. "Come on."

I rolled my eyes. "Think you can get me in the water without all of nature seeing my jubblies?"

He chuckled holding me tightly against his chest. "Can do." He toted me to the edge and sat back down dangling his feet. "How deep?"

Braxton ended his magic and splashed down into the water. He bobbed back up thumbs-up first. "You're good."

He gripped the pier with one hand and scooted off into the water. It washed up around my shoulders. "There ya go." He said releasing me to float about.

I felt a little less exposed with the water hiding my breasts. "Can I have my top back now?"

He looked thoughtful. Sure he could be cocky out here, neither Salem or I stood a chance against him in the water. He was just too fast. "I've got a better idea."

"Oh, dear."  I muttered.

"Since we're half way there any way. Why don't we just skinny dip?"

"Look, I'm all for it in say, a pool. Where I don't have to worry about fish or other living things mistaking my junk for food or housing."

"This isn't the Amazon , Tina. Here." He layered his hands in front of his chest and concentrated. Then, with a grunt he forced his bottom hand down.

I yelped as the water abruptly went from dingy brown to sparkling clear blue. The few brim and bass caught in our section hightailed it for the murkier water.

"There now all the dirt and sediment is on the bottom. Clean, pretty water. Just like a pool. The fish will stay where it's safer."

I crossed my arms over my chest. "I don't know if this is better..."

Salem wrapped his arms around me. "You're safe with us. Promise."

I sighed relaxing and letting my arms fall away. He kissed me gently on the cheek and helped relieve me of my bottoms.

"Alright!" Braxton cheered wiggling out of his trunks. He then spun them around on his finger.

"Why is this so exciting to you exactly?" I asked smoothing my hair back. "It's not like-" Splack! Wet fabric smacked me up-side the head.

"Oops..." Braxton squeaked.

I peeled the soggy short off of my face. "When I get. My hands. On your. Scrawny ass!" I snarled charging for him, but the water severely slowed me down. He yelped diving under and zipping away. He popped up near the woods.

"It was an accident! It just came off!"

"Something is gunna come off of you!"

"Now, now." Salem soothed coming up behind me and hugging tightly against his chest.

"Salem! I'm not cattle you can't just squeeze me calm!"

He then proceeded to rock me side to side while making little chut, chut, and shushing noises in my ear. I rolled my eyes. Okay, maybe he could.

"You're supposed to be relaxing." He reminded me.

"Tell him that." I grumbled.  

Braxton popped up next to me. "It really was an-"

I grabbed him by the back of the neck and shoved his head back under the water.

"Tina, I don't think murder is the answer here."

"He's fine, I've seen him hold his breath for over six minutes. Asshole scared the shit outta me."

Braxton reached up slapping at my wrist, but I wasn't letting him up so easily. He used his magic to push the water out and away from his face, making a bowl of air around his head.

"Boat!" He sputtered.

I released him and Salem dropped me down into the water.

"Ya sure it's not just going by?"

"I know waves, alright. They're pulling up by the dam. Big boat. Probably a party barge."

Salem closed his eyes and cupped his hands behind his ears. "They're idling." He muttered.

"What do they want from around here? Why would you want to nosey around someone else's part of the lake."

"I think they're just curious about the dam. Just sounds like a few guys." Salem said.

Just after moving in we had issues with boaters buzzing around out back at all hours. Some even had the nerve to dock at our pier, like no one fucking lived here.  After I went out one morning and found and old man poking around the garden Salem collected a bunch of fallen trees and branches. Braxton used his powers over the currents to pile them into a blockade. It was open enough that fish and wildlife could get through, but was a real hazard to people and boats. Still there was the occasional lookie-loo.

"Why can't these fucking Mundanes get it through their heads that this is our place?! Do I have to piss on everything for them to get the picture!? This is our territory, not theirs."

Salem shushed me.  He was still listen intently. Braxton dipped back under up to his eyes. He was keeping tabs on these strangers too.

"It sounds like they think there's good bass fishing around the logs. I don't think they'll come this way."

Braxton popped back up. "The water's way too low for them to go over. They'd have to try and walk it or pull up to the island. Both are good ways to break an ankle or get snake bit."

I crossed my arms. "They need to leave. I want them to leave."

"I could roll a wave their way, but that risks messing up the dam or capsizing them. They'll leave in a minute."

I pursed my lips with a frown. "I don't like it." I looked around . "I'm getting out. Where the hell are my clothes?"

"I stuffed your top into the pocket of my trunks."

I looked back toward the pier. Only Salem's trunks hung from the wood. My bottoms must have slipped off into the water along with Braxton's trunks. Wherever I'd thrown them...

"Fuck." I snatched Salem's trunks and pulled them on, cinching the waist until they actually fit. I Hopped up onto the pier and quickly covered my chest with my arm. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself, creating a simi-cute top.

"And what are ya doin'?"

I shrugged. "Finishing dinner."

"I thought you were worried about the boat."

I laughed. "I'm covered, if they do come this way nothing will scare them away faster than a couple of naked dudes playing grab-ass."

Braxton rested his arms and chest on the pier. "What if they wanna join in?"

"Gross." I muttered . As I turned to head back up to the patio laughter and splashes erupted behind me. Funny, sometimes it was just more fun to watch them acting like little boys. Took out to wash pans , one full with fresh vegetables and another with clean water. One day we'd get a full fledged kitchen out here. Till then it was kind of relaxing to scrub up the produce this way. I sat in a folding chair and began my task.  I'd look up time to time when the play got loud and see Salem throwing Braxton into the water or someone jumping off the pier bare-assed.

                Maybe sometimes I didn't seem real grateful, but I really couldn't see my life any other way. This was my house, my lake, my boys.

My clan.

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