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Tales Of Steam City

by Dragomira

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Steampunk story because the internet lacks them severely.

“..The storm will lie down in a few hours, according to our friends over at the weather station. The papers are right and the only trouble ahead might be this-,, Tash pointed on a map, pressing down on the old uneven wood of the dim-lighted table. “ –which is nothing but the usual.,,

“Even the usual might be bigger trouble than you expect…,, Syn started, combing  through his spikey hair.

“the Dead Weather still has some troubles with the weak left rear engine, last thing we want is telling our beloved zeppelin goodbye-,,

“yeah, better wait a few days, Tash, losing the Dead Weather.. that will break our heart (and all our bones) and we’ll cry like little girls..,, Vico added a bit grumpy,  ruffling through the hair of the small girl sitting on the edge of the table. “No offense, Norry.,,

“I am big!,, she reacted pouting, as she put her way too big helmet with goggles on her head.

“I have an adult’s helmet already.,,

“-Vico has a point.,, the voice of Terrico, a bit cracked by the late remains of puberty, ready to prove himself. “The other engines won’t be able to handle it, and with a constant eye of a storm gazing down on us, I’m with Vico.,,

Approving nods and a pat on the shoulder from his father Syn was his reward, while all the eyes went to Tash. She frowned then nodded firmly.

“You’re right, of course you are. But we will have to cut almost impossibly short on our money, as the last voyage was far from succesfull. We’ll stay in Clockwork Port for at least another week, 4 days to give that storm time to clean itsself out and 3 more to get our paperwork done and load up the new goods. In the meantime..,, she sighed tired.

“Terrico, you message the city council, and the harbor guards to inform them about the zepp staying on the hill for a few more days. I will take the response, Vico, hire some guards to look after the ship at night. Lil’ Noreen and I will talk everything through with Thomolew.,,


“but motheeeer… I wanna go to the docks with Vicoooo…,,

Tash lifted up the grumpy toddler from the table, huggled her tiny warm body and took her by the hand. “Tomorrow again, sweety, its very late and otherwise you'll be too tired tomorrow to go anywhere with Vico, okay?,,

“…okaaaaay… can I fold the map then?,, she looked up to her mother with the same almond-shaped green eyes. She smirked a bit. “Of course you can.,, Tash took the map from the table and gave it to Noreen, walking to the bar with her to finish the last business of today.

“Ey Thom!.,,

“He’s in the back!,,

Lennard, his son, yelled back.

“But I can serve you just as well Captain.. Maybe even better.,, he winked at her.“please Lenn, cut it off, please...,, she rubbed her temple while Lennard took Noreen and sat her on the bar, leaving her trying to fold the map as precise as she could, the tip of her little tongue sticking out.

“I just need to speak to Thom, it’s about the rooms, the Dead Weather will stay on the hill for another week so we need to stay here for a little while longer..,,she felt like ranting, really and endlessly ranting the shit out of Lennard, who seemed as only one patient enough to listen.

“Plus we need guards, but I guess Vico will find some cheap ones, I dunno where they will stay though.. Since this is the closest and healthiest place to stay near Clockwork Port, he might get some extra visitors. Maybe he can leave a few of the smallest rooms open, they won’t use it much anyways.,,

he nodded understandingly and watched her, her beautiful red hair on fire by the light of the lanterns, which created (or rather enhanced) the dark shadows underneath her eyes. She was still the prettiest single young woman he’d ever seen, even when she was exhausted, Lennard’s brain stated.

“ey, I’ll pass on the message. Think of it as done, we both know he’ll be more than okay with that. I’ll also let the others know when they come ‘round. Go get some sleep, Cap.,, he patted her shoulder. “Enough business for today.,,

“yeah..,, she mumbled, taking up Noreen, who had been leaning against Lennard with the map folded on her lap.“Thanks so much, Lenn. I owe you this one.,,

“no problem, no problem. Goodnight Tash, ‘nighty Norry.,,

she dragged herself up the squeaky stairs when she heard Serr’ean; a kind blacksmith with a bit of an accent (probably from Plumbern, in the east, Tash had always thought) asking for a beer on the background. If he’d talk to her, she would probably ignore him. Sometimes exhaustion was a nice reason to act bitchy.Upstairs in her room she undid her and Nor’s belt, her gun, goggles and other nice things and slid with her between the blankets of the bed, listening to the wind before following Noreen into the land of dreams.





"Time to lay down,it’s been a whole day.Tomorrow will have a lot to say.Tonight your dreams will have a lot to tell, So close your eyes softly, and sleep well…My dear.. Noreen.,,

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