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Book Of Oneshots

by Kitsunegirl90

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Chapter 1, Sweet Sweet Revenge


My name is Akari. I am a great kunoichi and my best friend is Naruto Uzumaki. I enjoy playing pranks; I guess I get that from hanging around Naruto so much. I enjoy playing pranks on Sasuke Uchiha. He is my greatest rival and also a big jerk. For these reasons I play pranks on him. He does get angry and say I'll regret it one day. However he doesn't scare me and I'd like to see him try to get me back. He won't be able to succeed in getting revenge, I am sure of it.

Story Start

I walk down the village streets early in the morning. I meet Naruto at the ramen shop. We laugh and talk when someone shouts. "AKARI!" comes the angry voice. I laugh recognizing the voice as Sasuke.

Sasuke then appears with writing on his face. Naruto bursts laughing. "Akari this is brilliant!" he says. I grin and Sasuke growls. "Akari you're going to regret it one day," he says. "Yeah, yeah I am shaking in my shoes," I reply. "Whatever, anyways we have training so be there in an hour."

He says and disappears. We finish eating ramen and go to train. We train all day and soon it is time to head home. I say good bye and go home. The next day I go and do some errands, but first of course I first I go set up a prank for Sasuke. After setting prank I go to do errands. As I finish my errands Sasuke appears in front of me with an angry face and covered in paint.

I giggle at the sight. Sasuke growls "Akari this is the last straw, it is time I get my revenge and I will have it, you won't know when, you won't know how, but it will happen, so be prepared," he says. "Whatever you say Sasuke," I say amused and leave. With that the day soon ends and I go to bed.

For the next few days I don't see or hear from him.  I am starting to get nervous. "I think Sasuke may actually be serious this time," I think. It is the 4th day of Sasuke's disappearance I am heading home when I bump into some thing hard. I look and see Sasuke staring at me smirking with sharingan eyes. I gulp

"hello Sasuke," I say nervously. "Hello Akari it is time for my revenge," he says smoothly. I dash off nervously and Sasuke leaps in front of me. "I don't think so Akari, it's useless to run, you can't escape," he says I shiver nervous and try and run again, to no avail. Sasuke then pins me to the ground. "what do you want Sasuke?" I ask. "Revenge of course, sweet revenge," he says breathing on my neck. I look nervous "And how is this revenge?" I ask. "Simple I get the girl I love, and that makes me happy," he says. "Love?" I ask "Yep love," he answers. I blush "Wow I don't know what to say," I say. "Just say you'll be mine," he says. "Yes Sasuke Uchiha, I will be yours," I say blushing. "Good," he says and places his lips on mine. I am in happiness as he takes me home and gives me a kiss good night. Then I fall asleep in the arms of the man I love.

The End

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