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One Piece PETs: Scars

by moonlitinuyasha1985

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Sumary: Physical, Emotional, Psychological, etc., stories about them. Takes place Post-Timeskip. The PETs AU, as well as Nami's Booted Puss design belongs to TyrackWolfII, who gave me permission to write my own version of PETs. The Straw Hats belong to Eiichiro Oda The fic belongs to xfangheartx & moonlitinuyasha1985.

One Piece PETs: Scars Ch. 1
(I do not own One Piece...I wish I did, because that would be sweet~. Eiichiro Oda owns this wonderful series.)
We all have our scars. Be it physical, emotional, psychological, and, or, mental, etc. Some scars can be beautiful, even sexy, in a way...
Others...mostly the kind that cannot be seen...are hideous.
One thing is certain, however:
Every scar has a story.
Nico Robin...she has many scars. The kind that cannot be seen on her skin...but she bears scars on her mind and her heart.
   As a child, she was treated as a monster by the other children. Her relatives on her mother's side of the family were no better, either. They always told her that she was never meant to do anything good in the world, and that she was better off alone. They treated her cousin as if she were a princess, and they treated her as though she were only a burden...
The only real friends she ever had were the archaeologists of Ohara, and a gentle giant ,literally, named Jaguar D. Saul.
Life in Ohara didn't seem all that bad, having them by her side...
...but happened.
The Buster Call.
The marines came to Ohara and burned it to the ground. What's worse...that day was the only time that Robin saw her mother. It was also the last time she ever saw any of her friends...
...this pain was only the beginning.
Robin found herself with a bounty of 79 million...and she was only eight.
   For twenty years, she had been running from the World Government. Everywhere she went, people would only pretend to be her friends, when in actuality, they were planning on selling her out to the Marines.
She couldn't trust anyone.
People would call her a demon, or say that her existence was a sin...all of that was utter nonsense.
Even though she has been rescued by Luffy, and joined his crew, she didn't even trust first.
She does, now, in spite of all the pain she's been through. However, Robin was not only one who had such scars.
The navigator of the Straw Hats, Nami, has some pretty deep scars, herself.
   When she was a child...Fishmen came to her village and took over. The leader, Arlong, killed her adopted mother, Bellemere, and took her entire village hostage. Not only that, but he forced her to become his mapmaker.
The two of them made a deal: If Nami could come up with a 100 million Berries, she could buy her village back.
   She resorted to stealing from pirates, and had been doing so for eight whole years. During that time, she met someone whom she would later come to love. As well as someone who would set her, and her entire village, free.
Sadly, the man she loves bares some scars of his own...not just the physical ones...but, we will get to him, later.
She eventually betrayed him, as well as the ones she had come to know as her new friends, and she had all the money and treasure she needed to buy her home back...but this was not to be.
   Arlong sent the Marines to steal all the treasure and money that Nami had collected, for he never intended to honor his agreement with her from the beginning. Enraged that Arlong had betrayed her after she worked so hard, the villagers took a stand and prepared to fight Arlong and his men to the death, despite Nami's best efforts to try and keep them from doing so.
   Heartbroken and angered by Arlong's deceit, she repeatedly stabbed herself in the shoulder, out of hatred of her Arlong pirates tattoo, this will eventually leave her with a scar that is now covered up by a tattoo of a tangerine with a pinwheel.
Luckily, Luffy came to stop her. She screamed at him to leave, until she broke down into tears, begging him to help her, which he does. Her newfound friends helped her, as well.
After they defeated Arlong, Luffy gave her a pair of boots. She had been in his debt, ever since.
Some scars are the kind that we can easily see, like the ones on your skin.
Take Roronoa Zoro, for example.
   He bares a long scar from his left shoulder all the way to his right hip. He received it from one of the Seven Warlords, Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk. It was amazing that he was able to survive such a wound.
There are also the self-inflicted scars on each of his ankles. It was a desperate attempt at freeing himself in Little Garden.
Another scar is the one over his left eye. No one knows how he had obtained it.
The first scar he bears tells of his defeat and the shame he felt, but it also tells of his vow never to lose to anyone again.
The scars on his ankles tell of how he felt weak for not being able to free Nami and Vivi from Mr. 3's wax wax powers.
The remaining scar? remains a mystery to this day.
His other scar, one that cannot be seen, is older than the others. It is the scar he bears...from the loss of a great friend.
She is the very reason for his goal to become the World's Best Swordsman.
Her name was Kuina, and she was angry at the fact that women couldn't make good swordsmen, but she and Zoro made a promise to compete and see who got the title of the World's Best Swordsman, first. was not to be.
Kuina had suffered a fatal accident when she fell down the stairs.
After her death, he vowed to become the greatest swordsman, in her stead. So far, he's come a long way. Although, he could develop even further.
Some inner scars are so deep, we think that they never fade.
Take young Tony Tony Chopper, for example.
He was born with a blue nose, and because of this, he was shunned by his own became even worse when he ate the Human Human fruit.
The leader drove him out, forcing him to live a life alone, but Chopper figured that maybe, since he couldn't live with the reindeer, he could live with humans instead.
He couldn't have been more wrong...
The humans on of his island, treated him as though he were a monster, even going so far as to shoot at him.
   The only two humans who showed him any real kindness were Dr. Hiruluk & Dr. Kureha, whom he calls "Doctorine". Dr. Hiriluk...was the closest thing that Chopper ever had to a father. He had a dream to make cherry blossoms bloom in his country, in order to save it. He taught Chopper what it means when someone holds up the skull-and-bones flag. Of course, they did fight now and then, but they made up afterwards. Things were starting to go right for the little reindeer.
Unfortunately, Dr. Hiruluk met a tragic end...
   First of all, he had contracted a fatal illness, and Chopper, believing that he had given a medicine that could cure any illness, accidentally fed him a soup he made...from the poisonous Amiudake Mushroom. Even worse, he witnessed the only father-figure he ever had commit suicide.
It was all a trap set up by King Wapol.
   Chopper went berserk with rage, ready to strike down the tyrannical king, and his men...that is, until one of Wapol's soldiers, Dalton, stopped him. He told the little reindeer about how sorry he was that Dr. Hiruluk had passed on, and that if he went up against all of Wapol's men, he would surely lose his life.
Chopper was forced to live with Dr. Kureha, who taught him everything she knew about real medicine.
Years later, he meets up with Luffy and the others. They had come to his homeland, seeking help for Nami, who had contracted a fatal, but curable illness.
At first, Luffy and Sanji planned on eating the poor little reindeer. Well, that is, until Luffy became interested in him. He kept asking him, over and over to join his crew, despite Chopper's refusal.
   Eventually, he accepts Luffy's offer, after the Straw Hat captain defeated Wapol, and so, Chopper joined Luffy's crew, with or without Dr. Kureha's permission. He has begun to open up to others a bit more than he used to...although, he still cannot express his emotions very well...
Next is Usopp, whose scars are not as severe as the others mentioned above, yet, still hurt just as much.
Usopp is the son of a great pirate known as Yasopp, who left him and his mother when Usopp was only a boy. Usopp was happy for his father, however, because he had the chance to live the life he wanted.
When the Ferret Man was still a small child, his mother had fallen ill, so, Usopp would come up with this little white lie about pirates coming to the village in the hopes that his mother would recover.
   Sadly, she never did. The poor woman had passed on some time after Usopp made all of those white lies, and yet, even after that, Usopp continued with his tall tales. This annoyed the people in his village, though. The only ones who weren't upset by this were his friends: Pepper, Carrot, and Onion...and Kaya. Usopp would tell Kaya the tallest of tales, to cheer her up, and it always seemed to work, for she was rather ill.
Later on, he meets up with Luffy, Zoro, and Nami. At first, he believed they were actually invading his home, so he tried to scare them off with lies.
It failed miserably, of course.
So, Usopp tried to shoot at them with his slingshot.
Didn't work...Luffy had actually said something that made Usopp drop his weapon.
"Now that you've drawn your weapon, are you willing to use it? Weapons aren't for threats, they're for actions."
He didn't have the guts to use his weapon.
However, his disappointment turned to surprise when he found out that Luffy was a friend of Red-Haired, the very man his father joined up with!
Luffy told him all kinds of stories about his father, and how he always spoke highly of Usopp. This made Usopp very proud of his father.
After this, they went to go and visit Kaya. There, they meet her butler, Klahadore, a Black Cat Man.
   He refused to let Usopp see Kaya. The Cat Man even went so far as to insult the Ferret Man's father. Usopp slugged him right across the face. He would've done a lot worse, had Kaya not stopped him. Klahadore banned Usopp and the others from the mansion, after that.
   Eventually, it was revealed that "Klahadore" was in fact Captain Kuro of the Black Cat pirates. Usopp found this out when he saw one of his men: Jango. He tried to tell his neighbors, but they just thought he was lying again. One of them even shot him! He tried to warn Kaya, however, she didn't believe him, either. She was furious that Usopp would accuse her butler of being a pirate.
Hurt that his own friend wouldn't believe him, he leaves.
   Nevertheless, he enlisted the help of Luffy, Nami, and Zoro to ward off the horde of pirates from the village. They all succeed in stopping the Black Cat pirates.As a reward for their heroism, Kaya gave them a new ship: the Going Merry.
Dismally, this beloved ship is no longer with them, anymore. This has effected the crew in more ways than one...
   In fact...the ship herself has suffered scars as well before her end. It was nothing short of a miracle that she was able to make it as far as she did, but her friends understood that she could no longer continue, despite her efforts.
They may have a new ship, now, but, Merry will forever be in their hearts. Her spirit shall also live on within the Thousand Sunny.
One Straw Hat has some deep scars, as well. The cook: Sanji.
   He was orphaned as a child in the North Blue and was forced to work in a restaurant. The cooks there would eat the leftovers of the customers. Sanji would simply throw them away, because he thought that eating other people's leftovers was disgusting.
Then one happened.
   The restaurant was attacked by pirates! They were lead by none other than "Red-Legged" Zeff. They called him this because of his killer kicking style...and the fact that his leg would be stained with the blood of his victims.
He and his crew took the entire restaurant hostage. Sanji was the only one to stand up to them.
Then a massive storm came, and Sanji fell overboard!
Surprisingly, he was rescued by Zeff.
   Unfortunatey, the two landed on a deserted island. They had very little food, and hardly any water. Days passed, and Sanji and Zeff found themselves beginning to starve. Sanji was about to kill Zeff and take the rest of his food, until...
He realized that the bag of "food" he had...was a bag full of treasure.
   Also...Zeff had eaten his own leg. He gave the rest of the food to Sanji. The Fox Kit wanted to know why he did it. Zeff said that it was because he needed to stay alive...and that if he survived, he would open up a restaurant at sea.
   In the end, they're rescued. However, Sanji was left with the mental scar of believing that it was his fault that Zeff lost his leg. He vowed never to waste food again after that. He viewed the very act as a crime punishable by death. He made this very clear to Marine Lieutenant Fullbody.
The other chefs had to hold him back. Zeff even kicked Sanji in the face afterwards...and then, he kicked Fullbody, too.
Following that, a man came to the restaurant. Gin, a member of the Krieg Pirates. He was being held prisoner by Fullbody, but he escaped. Once he got out, he demanded food.
Although, he didn't have any money on him. That's when Patty, one of the cooks, started wailing on him.
It was at that moment that Sanji happened to hear Gin's stomach growling. He cooked him up something to eat, and gave him the meal, free of charge.
   Gin was so grateful for Sanji's kindness. Luffy noticed Sanji's kind gesture. So, he decided he wanted Sanji to be his cook. The Fox Man rejected his offer, and yet, Luffy "refused his refusal", so to speak.
Shortly after that, Gin came back with his captain, Don Krieg. Not just him, but the rest of the Krieg Pirates, too! They were all dying of starvation.
   At first, Patty, Carne, and the rest of the cooks were reluctant to feed them...but Sanji was a different story. No matter how evil Krieg was, he would never let him go hungry. So, he gives the pirate captain some food.
Big mistake.
Krieg attacked the Fox Man, and wanted to take the whole restaurant hostage. He planned to use the Baratie as his new ship after Dracule Mihawk cut down his old one.
   Before he could do any real damage, Zeff gave him a huge bag of food, enough for his whole crew. The rest of the cooks thought he was insane for doing so. Krieg took the bag, and gave it to the rest of his men.
Almost instantly, they seemed to come back to life! It was almost unbelievable!
Sanji and the cooks were forced to fight back, with Luffy at their side, of course. Krieg was defeated, fortunately, and the rest of the Krieg Pirates were sent packing, too.
   Afterwards, Sanji had made soup for everyone, but they all pretended that they hated it, except Luffy, who didn't really get was going on and ate it anyway. Sanji had caught on to this. So, he decided to go ahead and join Luffy. The chefs of the Baratie gave him one incredible send-off. Sanji even bowed to Zeff and thanked him for everything he's done for him.
Zeff smiled.
And so, Sanji left to sail with Luffy and friends. He cooked them the most delicious of meals, and is doing fine with them.
We now move on to another scarred Straw Hat. This one's body was so scarred, he replaced most of it with steel!
Franky's his name.
He was hit by the Sea train of his home island, trying to take back his mentor, as well as his sort-of father figure, from the Government.
Unfortunately...the result was disastrous. Many thought he had died because of this...
He performed the surgery on himself. He used every scrap he could find in order to save his own life, and it was successful.
   Years later, he became the boss of the underworld. He even led his own group: the Franky Family. They were in the business of stealing ships, dismantling them, and selling the parts as scrap...among other things...
   The Franky family had a run in with Luffy and his crew. They had actually stolen some money from them. Usopp tried his hardest to get it no avail. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper payed the family back a hundred times over...Franky didn't take it well.
Went so far as to pick a fight with Luffy. Due to his cyborg abilities, he actually did manage to give him a hard time.
   Be that as it may, their fight was interrupted by the Galley-La company's top shipwrights. They believed Luffy and his crew were responsible for nearly killing Iceburg, the head of Galley-La, and mayor of Franky's home, Water Seven.
It turns out that they were framed by undercover agents of CP9.
This, later, turned out to actually be Robin's doing. She made a deal with them. The deal was to turn herself over to the Government and let the other Straw Hats go free.
Franky was captured, as well.
   Fortunately, the two of them are rescued by Luffy and the others, and thanks to Franky, the Straw Hats have a new ship, also, he joined them as their new shipwright. Or, rather, was forced into joining...notwithstanding, that is a story for another day.
Some scars are left right to the bone...literally.
Take Brook, the Straw Hats' musician, for example.
When he was still alive, he ate the Revive Revive Fruit. He was also a member of the Rumbar Pirates. Everyone in his former crew was a musician.
   During their travels, they met a baby whale they had named Laboon. The little one loved listening to their music. He followed the pirates everywhere they went, and they all loved him like he was their family. They had to leave him behind, sadly, for their journey into the Grand Line would be perilous, and they did not want to put Laboon in harm's way.
   Regardless of that, Laboon followed them into Reverse Mountain, anyway. Even gained a few scars on the way, too. The Rumbar Pirates were a bit angry at first, but couldn't stay mad at the little whale. Three days later, they left Laboon in the care of the lighthouse keeper, Crocus.
During their adventures, all they ever thought about was Laboon, and how he was doing.
Later on, the captain fell ill. He decided to leave Brook in charge, for the disease was fatal. Before dying, he and Brook spoke about Laboon.
Then, he asked Brook and his remaining crew to sing their special song just for him. Which, they all did.
Since then, Brook was made the new captain of the Rumbar Pirates. Him, along with his crew continued to sail the treacherous seas of the Grand Line. All that time, they thought of Laboon.
Then one day...yet another tragedy struck.
They had run into a pack of rival pirates who played dirty: they had poisoned their weapons.
Knowing that Death was at their doorstep, they all decided to play their favorite song, one last time. One by one, they fell to their deaths. Brook was the last to fall.
   Of course, thanks to his Devil Fruit, Brook managed to come back to life, but there was one problem. His soul got "lost", so to speak, and by the time it got back to his body, Brook was already reduced to a skeleton! The only thing that remained intact was his afro.
For 50 years, he spent his time sailing in the Florian Triangle in complete solitude.
   A few years ago, his shadow was stolen by one of the Seven Warlords, Gecko Moria. He had no choice but to stay hidden in the shadows, for fear of turning to dust in the sunlight. He tried to free all of the other shadows that Moria had stolen, until he was confronted by Ryuuma. The two of them fought, though, the undead swordsman tried to cut off Brook's afro.
Luckily for Brook, he didn't.
   Ryuuma let him go, so long as he left Thriller Bark and never returned. Brook left, and two years ago, he met Luffy and the others. Some of the crewmembers were scared of him, seeing as how he was a skeleton, except Luffy. He really wanted Brook to join, and he does accept Luffy's offer...if only for a little while. He explained to the Straw Hats about how he ate the Revive Revive fruit, why he's a skeleton, and how his shadow was stolen from him. He then tells them how happy he was to finally meet other people after living alone for so many years.
   Next, they all learn that they were all trapped in Thriller Bark. He asked Luffy if he had opened a barrel that shot up a flare, to which, he confirms. The Horse Skeleton Man explained how it was all a trap, set up by Gecko Moria and his crew.
Soon after that, Brook left them.
They followed him, and things grew chaotic all too quickly...
   First, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper got separated from the Straw Hats, and Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji had their shadows stolen from them. Nami was later kidnapped by a Lion Man named Absalom who tried to force her to marry him. Sanji came to her rescue...if only for a short while. A Zombie Warthog Woman, named Lola, saves her from Absalom. She gets hurt in the process. Outraged, Nami electrocutes the Lion Man. She escapes back to the Sunny, after all that nonsense.
   Robin and Franky had to fight of a (literally) giant zombie spider monkey. Brook defeated the creature, fortunately. Brook fought Ryuuma again, and lost. The undead swordsman was about to cut off his afro, until Zoro had arrived. They fought, and Zoro was victorious. He even gained a new sword in the process.
Subsequently, Robin and Chopper had to fight two zombies, ones who had Zoro's and Sanji's shadows within them, and after that, Chopper fought against Dr. Hogback and his zombie assistant, Cindry.
As if that wasn't bad enough, Zoro, Robin, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper, and Franky had to fight a giant zombie, named Oz, who had Luffy's shadow. Brook also joined in the fight, but he was too heavily injured to continue.
Nami joined in, as well.
Eventually, Luffy also joined in the a new form.
Nightmare Luffy.
Cheerlessly, this form lasted for a short period of time...However, he did do a significant amount of damage on Oz. He used up a fair amount of energy taking down the giant...and Oz did go down...for a bit.
   Unfortunately, Oz stood right back up! Auspiciously, thanks to the Straw Hats' coordination and teamwork, as well as Brook's assistance, they managed to defeat him again, and this time, he stayed down.
   Dismally, they had to fight Moria...Luffy practically exhausted himself taking the Warlord. Luckily, everyone's shadows were returned to them. Especially Brook's shadow, which he actually regained after Zoro defeated Ryuuma for him. Luffy was out-cold, having used too much of his energy. The others were very worried about him using both gears simultaneously.
   Disastrously, another Warlord had appeared. Bartholomew Kuma. The others fought him and learned that he was a cyborg. He was about to annihilate all of them, until he told them that he would let them all go...however, in exchange, they'd have to give him Luffy's head.
Naturally, they all refused.
   Kuma, using his Ursus Shock attack, knocked almost everyone out. The only ones who manged to remain conscious long enough were Zoro, Sanji, Brook, and a couple of pirates known as the Risky Bros. Zoro offered his life in exchange for Luffy's. Sanji was about to take his place, yet, Zoro knocked him out.
Kuma decided to oblige with Zoro's sacrifice, and took all of Luffy's pain and fatigue...and gave it to him. It was excruciating. Just a little bit was enough to make Zoro scream in agony!
Despite that, he still took it all. Zoro nearly died if the others hadn't found him the day after. The Straw Hats and the Risky Bros. threw a huge party to celebrate their victory. Zoro was unconscious the whole time, though.
   At the party, Brook played Bink's Sake on the piano, and everyone sang along. It was then that Luffy revealed that he and the others had met Laboon when they entered the Grand Line. He told Brook of how Laboon's grown up, and of how much the adult whale misses him.
Brook was so happy, he burst into tears.
Luffy offered Brook to join his crew, again, and he accepts...shocking most of the other Straw Hats, but they accepted him, nonetheless.
He is quite happy being a Straw Hat.
Last, but not least, we move on to another scarred individual...
The Straw Hat captain himself: Monkey D. Luffy.
The very man Nami loves. He bares many scars. One underneath his left eye. An X-shaped one on his chest. He even bares scars...inside. Each of them have to do with losing both of his brothers, Sabo and Ace.
The first scar he had gotten, the one under his left eye, was from trying to prove to his idol, Red Haired Shanks, that he was brave enough to join him, and he was only 7 years old back then.
The second scar was from the former Admiral, now Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki "Akainu". That actually happened...after Luffy's older brother, Portgas D. Ace, gave his life to save his.
   Ace's death left Luffy with a deep scar on his heart...even deeper than the scar left from Sabo's death. He was actually ready to give up on his dream to become King of the Pirates, believing he was too weak to protect anyone.
Jimbei snapped him out of it. He reminded Luffy that even if he lost Ace, he still had his crew.
   At first, Luffy was ready to go and see them right away. Then, Silvers Rayleigh had arrived. He revealed that Luffy could not reunite with his crew, just yet, for if he and his friends continued to sail into the New World the way they were, then they wouldn't stand a chance.
It was then that Luffy decided to go back to Marineford and deliver a secret message to everyone else. To meet again, not in three days, but, in two years. To which, they all do.
No matter how many times Luffy puts on a happy face in front of everyone, he is still despondent over the death of Ace, and the whole crew knows it.

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