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One Piece PETs: TDatF

by moonlitinuyasha1985

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The title was Fang-chan's idea. As you are all aware, this is from each of the POVs. Zoro's and Robin's growing relationship. Takes place pre-timeskip, obviously. The PETs AU, as well as Nami's Booted Puss design belongs to TyrackwolfII The Straw Hats belong to Eiichiro Oda The fic belongs to xfangheartx & moonlitinuyasha1985.

One Piece PETs: The Demon and the Flower Part I
(I do not own One Piece. This wonderful series belongs to Eiichiro Oda.)
***Robin's POV***
Hello. My name is Nico Robin. I am a Purple Eurasian Crane Woman, and the archaeologist of the Straw Hat pirates.
I've been leading a rather complicated life. About as complicated as Nami's...maybe even more.
   20 years ago, in my former homeland, Ohara, I was bullied by the children and treated as though I was some kind of monster. It was even worse when I was forced to live with my aunt. She abused me, always told me how no one wanted me, and treated me as though I was nothing but a burden. I was never allowed to participate in any family celebrations. It was very hurtful.
Though, things weren't all that bad...
I had my teachers, and my friend, Jaguar D. Saul. Saul thought me how to laugh. It was very nice and comforting, having him for a friend.
Until one day...
...the Buster Call happened.
   The marines came to destroy Ohara, and to erase any trace of my teacher's research on the Void Century. They thought that we were trying to unleash a deadly weapon upon the world. That wasn't true, of course.
   All we wanted was to learn the true history of this world. Apparently, they didn't want anyone to know about it. Some people are afraid of what they don't understand. I know that fact all too well.
That day was also the first time I met my mother, Nico Olvia... was also the last time I saw her.
My friend, Saul, was another casualty of the destruction of Ohara. Before he was frozen to death by Aokiji, he told me,
"No one in this world is born to be alone! Go out there, Robin, and I'm sure that you'll find some nakama who will love and protect you with their very lives! Now go!!"
"But Saul--!" I cried.
"No! It's too late for me. Just go, or else Aokiji will catch you, too!" he shouted.
   I look...and I see Aokiji coming right for me. As much as I didn't want to leave Saul...I had no choice. I ran, Aokiji had caught up to me, though. I was absolutely terrified. Surprisingly, he helped me escape. I didn't really know whether to be grateful or not. Either way, I escaped.
I was on a boat, and from a distance, I could see Ohara burning. I laughed, like how Saul taught me...but, it was very painful. So much so that I cried.
This pain was only the beginning...
I gained a bounty of 79 million Berries on my head. The government made up a terrible rumor about me sinking six marine ships. Many people tried to sell me out in order to receive the reward.
This one old woman took me in to her home, but the same thing happened with her, too.
I ran from that place.
   Next, a couple takes me into their home, as well. One night, I heard them talking about how taking me in was a lot more trouble than it was worth, and they even thought about turning me into the Marines...
...I began to feel like I couldn't trust anybody. Not even the rogue criminals I joined up with for protection.
   I eventually came to be a member of a criminal syndicate known as "Baroque Works". My codename was "Ms. All Sunday". My partner...was Mr. 0, also known as the Shichibukai...Crocodile. He wanted to use my ability to read the poneglyphs in order to build Pluton, an ancient weapon from the Void Century.
Of course...I wasn't really going to do that, but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.
   Eventually, I ran into the Straw Hat Pirates on Whiskey Peak after I... *ahem* ... "killed" Mr. 8, otherwise known as Igaram. They weren't all that happy to see me, unsurprisingly. Especially Princess Vivi. For some reason...I felt this odd connection with their swordsman.
Despite that, him and everyone else were ready to strike at me. So, I had no choice but to defend myself. They could tell that I had Devil Fruit powers.
One of them, a Fox Man, complimented me how beautiful I was after this. Cute.
   Next, I explained to them that the island they are heading to was Little Garden. I even warned them about the dangers that awaited them at that place. I gave them the Eternal Pose to another island, then their captain, Straw Hat Luffy, broke it.
"You're not the one who decides where this ship goes!" he told me.
His navigator, a Boot Puss Woman, chastised him for it. I, for one, couldn't help but giggle at the Black Capuchin Monkey Man. His simpleminded attitude was adorable.
Nonetheless, I could tell they wanted me to leave, so I left on my turtle, Bunchi.
However...I couldn't stop thinking about that Siberian Tiger Man as I left.
***Zoro's POV***
Hey, Roronoa Zoro here. I'm a Siberian Tiger man, and the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates.
Anyway, after that whole crazy debacle in Whiskey Peak, we're sailing with Vivi towards the next island when we heard a voice talking to us,
"This ship is nice."
   We turn around and we see this Purple Eurasian Crane Woman sitting on the rail behind us. Vivi told us who she was: Miss All Sunday of the organization, Baroque Works. She was the one behind killing that cross-dressing Igaram guy.
We were all ready to attack, until she used her Devil Fruit ability to stop us.
Damn cook started swooning over her after this...idiot.
   Then she gave us a warning to stay away from the next island, which is called Little Garden, and she gave us an Eternal Pose to go somewhere else...but my captain, Luffy, broke it. In typical fashion, Nami didn't take it too well.
That Crane Woman only giggled at this. Then, she left on her giant turtle.
I don't know why, but after that, I couldn't get her out of my mind.

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