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One Piece PETs: Scars

by moonlitinuyasha1985

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Post-Timeskip, btw. Only a reminder. The PETs AU, as well as Nami's Booted Puss design belongs to TyrackwolfII The Straw Hats belong to Eiichiro Oda The fic belongs to xfangheartx & iconmoonlitinuyasha1985.

One Piece PETs: Scars Ch. 3
(I don't own One Piece. It belongs to Eiichiro Oda.)
Somewhere in the New World, the Straw Hats had docked their ship at a tropical island. Which was good, because they were running out of rations, thanks to a certain Rubber Monkey Man.
Anyhoo, they all split up into three groups: Luffy and Zoro went with Nami and Robin, Brook was with Franky, and Usopp and Chopper went with Sanji.
   Once the groups were formed, they all separated to go and find more food. Sanji found some delicious-looking fish at the market. Usopp found some ripe mangoes at a local stand. Chopper got some candy, although, Sanji said that it wasn't necessary.
The three of them then moved on to the next marketplace. During this time, they began to talk about their day.
"I've just started making some new armor for Luffy," Usopp said.
"Cool!" Chopper said. "I bet he'd love that!"
"You bet!" Usopp held his nose up in the air, proudly.
"Why?" Sanji asked.
"Huh?" Usopp turned to Sanji.
"Why would you make him armor?" Sanji asked. "He's just gonna break it or lose it, isn't he?"
"Oh, yeah." Usopp realized.
"Hmm..." Chopper hummed. "Hey, Usopp."
"Yeah?" Usopp answered.
"Did you make Luffy that armor...because of that scar?" Chopper asked.
Usopp was silent for a moment.
"Usopp?" Chopper placed a hoof on the Ferret Man's arm.
Sanji was silent, as well.
"...he's been feeling down about it for a while, now." said Usopp.
"He has?" Chopper asked.
"Yep," Sanji said as he took a drag from his cigarette and blew out a puff of smoke.
"Can't say that I blame him, though."
"Why?" Chopper asked.
"Because he got it from the very man responsible for killing his older brother, Ace." Usopp answered.
Chopper gasped and his eyes went wide in surprise.
"No way...!" he whispered.
"Yep," Usopp said.
Chopper was in total disbelief.
"I was hoping that armor would protect him," said Usopp, " me...that scar is a reminder that he nearly lost his save his brother."
"I see." Chopper looked down at the ground.
Sanji took another puff of smoke.
"Anyway, we'd better get back to our grocery shopping."
"Right," Usopp agreed.
Him and Sanji continued on with their shopping, but Chopper remained behind. Usopp and Sanji had picked up on this.
"Chopper!" Usopp called. "Come on!"
The little reindeer snapped back into reality when he heard the Ferret Man call him.
"Ah! Right!" he ran after them.
"What were you, frozen back there?" asked Sanji.
"Uh, no. Just thinking." was Chopper's answer.
"Uh...okay," Sanji said.
The three of them pressed forward.
However...Chopper couldn't get this one thing out of his mind.
'Cover up his scar, huh?' he thought.

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