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An OC-centric series. It's not always what you know, and as it turns out, it's not always who you know either. For Emma Stewart it was more like being at the right place at the right time on multiple occasions. It also meant having the stomach for the work. Maybe it was also a little bit about being ruthless and living in that morally gray area more than anything.

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Chapter 1, Prologue


She was a force of nature, reckless, and singularly driven to a fault. She no longer known by her given name; instead she was known by the many names, most of which she did not like in the least, that she earned on the job: the Red Death, the Punisher, Scarlet Killer, and so many more.

Everything else she had determined as she went. She was told that she was smart so she did things that smart people did. She read books, learned complex mathematics, and spent time on her studies. She was told that she was strong so she studied various martial arts and fighting styles and joined sports teams. She was told that she was hotheaded so she got into fights and argued with her parents, brother, teachers, peers, and sometimes even random people. She was told that she could never work in the real world with her attitude and temper, despite her intelligence, so she worked for private clients, where her skills would be used for varying jobs.

Her joke was that she was a cliché. The hardened shell of a woman who never smiled and stood like a stone statue while others truly lived. But she was never told she was that so that's not who she was either.

She was exactly what they all said she was and she was, at the same time, none of it.

On the outside she was an athletic woman and not in the least displeasing to the eye. She favored casual clothing, jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers, and she eschewed things feminine. She could count on one hand the times she had worn a dress and most of those times did not end in smiles. Come to think of it, they hadn't started with them either. She was lean, had toned muscles, and a few light scars were feathered across her body but most people didn't see enough of her to see all that.

On the inside, she was a woman who knew what she was good at and what she wanted. She didn't beat around the bush, did not apologize for who she was, and she had no hidden darkness about the shitty part of her life. She could care less about her family so it was quite difficult to actually miss them. Being raised around superheroes had sucked and ironically she was now an unlawful mercenary despite her upbringing. She did things that would give other people nightmares but she made peace with that whenever she cashed her checks.

For all intents and purposes, Emma was a perfectly normal, young woman. A normal, young woman who blew up buildings, assassinated people who went against her bosses, and fought her battles the way her nicknames implied.

But hot damn was she fun to be around.


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