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At the Moon and other Poems

by shadesmaclean

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A collection of assorted poetry and verse I've written over the years.

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Chapter 1, At the Moon

Laugh at yourself.
The great cosmic joke’s on you.
Here today, gone tomorrow;
An unseen clock is ticking.
A time-bomb waiting to go off
On the next thing to go wrong.
No brakes, any second you could snap.
Or just hysterically laugh.
Howling at the dark side of the moon.
Out-of-control anxiety, fear,
The origin of religion,
Muttering strange prayers at the dark.
Broken-record rituals
Keep the nightmare at bay—
Of shadows, specters, shapeless, nameless fears,
Red glowing eyes staring out at you
Through the gloomy mist at the back of your mind.
An unseen presence
Past the beam of your flashlight.
Silent voices laugh in the corner,
But you can hear them.
Even if no one else can.
Thoughts that flap on leathery wings,
Horror that simply is, as if for its own sake.
Consciousness teetering on the razor’s edge of reason,
On the jagged, ragged edge of Reality,
Threatening to fall away
Into the depths of a nightmare without end…

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