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YGO GX: FridgeRaided

by alexandritedragoness

Libraries: Humor, One Shots, Yu-Gi-Oh

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After Jaden traveled the world he comes back to his home town and catches up with Alexis. Slight Fianceshipping in this story.

YGO GX: FridgeRaided
The sun was setting as Jaden and Alexis walked to her home from their “hangout” time, catching up on what’s been going on and such. Alexis had been offered to go to America to study (now if I’m correct Alexis had some dream to go to America and study on something. Idk that’s what I heard… continue). Jaden’s very proud of her, however it’s too bad she has to leave soon. He just got here. He decided to talk about something else.“Soooo what’s with Zane giving me that look earlier?”Alexis just then remembered that when they were hanging out Zane was there and gave that dirty look to Jaden, making him very uncomfortable at that moment.“Oh,” She just giggled. “Zane and I had been dating for a while now-” “What!?” Jaden basically jumped from his feet. Alexis just giggled again, this time more softly.“But we’re over now,” “Oh…” For some reason Jaden felt better about hearing that. He doesn’t know why, it’s not like they have something together. Right? They reached Alexis’s home shortly afterwards, as it didn’t feel like they were walking for fifthteen minutes, more like five.“Thanks for walking me home Jaden. I really missed being out together and such,” “Yyeahh I missed you too-” Jaden said but then stopped on what he just said, noticing that he misheard her on saying ‘missing ON hanging out’. “Well I uh- you know what I mean I-”Alexis leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. “See you later,” and then she opened her door and closed it behind her, as Jaden was still processing what what just happened. He put his hand over his cheek on where she kissed him, and smiled warmly.“You know,” Yubel revealed herself beside Jaden. “Missing someone is another way of saying that you loved them~” “Shut it, Yubel.” Jaden eyed her. “There are different meanings of love in this universe, in case you haven’t heard.” “Oh I’m aware of that Jaden, and this definition for this moment.” “There is no meaning for this one-”As they two bicker on the topic as Jaden walks away along the sidewalk by the park, he stops on his tracks and realized something.“I guess I won the argument?” Yubel teased. He stood silent, not responding to Yubel. She then cocked her head.“Yubel…” “Yes,” She leaned in in interest.“Where are we gonna sleep?” –It’s nighttime and Alexis is comfortly in her slumber, as the silence in the bedroom is being disturbed by the noises outside. A crash sound was made which had Alexis shot up from her sleep, her heart pounding in fear as she heard the noise from the kitchen. She got up from her bed and grabbed whatever’s available as a weapon on her trip to the source of the noise. It was a wooden baseball bat that she got from a free yard sale. What? It was free. She got a good grip of the bat as she turned around the corner and prepared to use her strength and face the intruder, only to find a familiar face, raiding her fridge for food.“J-Jaden!?” Alexis’s face was priceless, seeing the brunette stuffing his face with these mini sandwiches she made a couple days ago for someone’s party.“Uhh…” Was his response as his words were muffled by the food that wasn’t swallowed. “Hello?” “What the hell are you doing in my house? Not to mention- in the middle of the night!?” Alexis’s voice became hard and stern, not appreciating him inviting himself over in the middle of the night.“Well, I- uh… have no where to go…” “What do you mean? There was a hotel just down the street and around the corner.” “Yes, but they don’t accept foreign money…” He sweatdropped in embarrassment. Alexis just sighed in disappointment, and looked back at him. “Do you need somewhere to sleep?”Jaden just nodded adorably as a yes, and so Alexis prepared a bedding for the hobo. Jaden got himself ready and propped himself on the couch.“Thanks Lex,” Jaden got himself comfy. “You’re a good friend. I really did miss you.”Alexis just blushed a little, but she made sure not to show it. “Yeah well, don’t get used to it. I’ll give you some money for the hotel so I’ll make sure you don’t break in here again.” Alexis gave him a harsh glare, as Jade took that as a 'friendly’ warning, scratching his head in embarrassment.“By the way,” Alexis was just about to head to her room. “How did you get in here in the first place?”The brunette pointed at her front window, which appears to be opened.“The window was already opened so… yeah Ibasicallyinvitedmyselfin…” He rushed through his sentence, and Alexis just rolled her eyes and walked over to shut the window, hoping that Jaden will be the only person to ever break in here.“Goodnight Jaden,” Alexis then goes to her room.“ 'night Lex,” –The morning was cool yet mild, as Alexis got up from her bed, and smelled something interesting in the house. She walked over to the kitchen and saw that Jaden was making these odd-looking stuffed whole eggs, which were just done from cooking.“Good morning Lex~” Jaden had that happy tone.“Morning,” Alexis rubbed her eyes, wondering if she was seeing things. “Since when can you cook? The last I experienced your cooking skills you almost burned down the whole academy.”Jaden chuckled. “Yeah, well things are different now… well, not exactly.” Jaden set the stuffed eggs down on the dining table. “You see, when I was traveling, I met a couple of citizens at this one place, and they made me these kinds of eggs. They were delicious, so I was curious of how they made them, and, ra-da!”Alexis took a bite of the hard-boiled egg with the special stuffing inside, her eyes wide ed with delight.“Damn this is really good!” “I appreciate the compliment. That’s the only actual thing I can make hehe,” He scratched his head in embarrassment, but smiled at her gratitude.“Hey I was thinking… If that’s ok with you and all…” Jaden spoke again, seeing that Alexis was enjoying her breakfast.“I can probably teach you how to make this,” “Really?” “Yeah… but I have some limits so there’s only enough for making one more,” “That’s fine,” Alexis finished her egg. “Besides we can get more ingredients at the shop. It’s not too far from here. And, as a favor, I can teach you how to make fried shrimp, your favorite.”Jaden’s mouth watered at the mention. “Sounds sweet! So it’s a date- I-I mean a uhh…”Alexis just chuckled. “Yeah, sure.”

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