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the YuGiOh Families: One-Shots

by alexandritedragoness

Libraries: Family, One Shots, Romance, Yu-Gi-Oh

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The characters we know and love settled down with their loved ones and a bundle of joy, or two. This includes all from DM to Arc-V, BUT Zexal and Arc-V will be only have one chapter of their own, since they aren't my most favorite. Families include: Blueshipping, Peachshipping, Polarshipping, Argentshipping, Fianceshipping, Faithshipping, Scoopshipping, Crow X OC "Peckshipping", Skyshipping, and Fruitshipping

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Chapter 1, the Kaiba Family

Seto unlocked the door and walked inside and closed the door behind him, frustrated. He had to stay later at work because someone apparently wacked up the security system from being careless. He fired the guy of course, but no one else could do the security system as well as him and the fired employee, so he stayed at work to correct it. He grunted frustration by the time he nearly dropped his suitcase and took off his suit and threw it on the furniture. He felt something on his leg by the time he took off his shoes without looking, but he knows exactly what- or who it is.

"Hi daddy!" A young blue haired girl said hugging his leg in adoration. She's no older than five, and she has blue eyes in a familiar shade of his brunette father's, but other than that she is a mirrored reflection of her mother. Her blue floral school skirt matches with her eyes very neatly. Seto just smiled at her presence.

"Well hello to you too Aoime," He playfully messed with her hair, much to Aoime's pouting dismay and giggles. "Got off of preschool early?" Seto said soundly. He only has that kind of tone with his daughter, since she's very special to him, like any father would say, no matter how cold they seem from others. Of course Kisara gets the same respect.

"Well duh," She playfully roared. "We always get off around this time!" She's still holding on to her father's leg, and Seto doesn't really mind.

"Where's your mother?"

"She's taking a nap. She was very tired when she picked me up for some reason,"

Seto thought of that tragic experience Kisara had to go through with their second child.


A baby shower was going on at the Kaiba house and everyone came for the celebration of Kisara's 8-month pregnancy. Yugi and Tea brought a gift or two like they did on their last baby shower. Joey on the other hand didn't bring a gift the last time, but this time he brought a Red-Eyes Black Chick plushy that he got at an amusement park for winning an attraction, which brought his disappointing wife Mai a face palm. Tristen and Serenity came for the first time and brought very oversized Blue-Eyes plushy that Serenity made herself. And it's not half bad. Mokuba bought dozens of toys as like he did the last baby shower he attended to.

Kisara walked to the group holding snacks in a tray until Seto stopped her.

"You know you don't need to do this, I could do it myself, or one my butlers-"

"It's ok hun," She kissed her brunette husband on the cheek. "I want to make them feel welcome myself," She walked passed him with a giggle, and Seto just shrugged. "Whatever…"

Their conversations had been going on for a while, and Kisara took the tray and headed back to the kitchen. Then everyone heard Kisara yelped as the tray hit the floor.

"Kisara!?" Seto sped towards the kitchen and saw Kisara kneeling on the floor in pain. Like if it couldn't get any worse when Seto leveled with Kisara asking if she's ok, blood traced around the floor from underneath of her. Like as if her water broke.

"Someone called the hospital!" The group panicked. Seto picked Kisara up. "No there's no time for them-" The ambulance parked up at the front of Seto's place a few seconds after Mai dialed 9-1-1. Near to everyone's surprise, the people got Kisara in the vehicle and drove to the hospital, Seto being by Kisara's side throughout the trip. The others got in their cars and followed them to the hospital.

Everyone, including Seto, was waiting outside the room Kisara is in. An hour had passed and a doctor came out of the room, frowning when looked at the others.

"So… is she alright?" Seto had been waiting to ask. The doctor looked at him. "The baby?" The doctor looked at this clipboard, then looking back at him. "I'm sorry Mr. Kaiba, but…" There was a long pause. "There was a problem sometime through the pregnancy, therefore the baby didn't make it…" Seto stopped listening there, shocked to hear that his baby, his son! Died?

The others were shocked as well, especially Mokuba. Tea covered her face onto Yugi, who also looked away from Seto and the doctor, only hearing the conversation about what happened. Similar goes with the others.

"…Like I said, I'm sorry, there wasn't anything we could do…"

*end of flashback*

Seto shook his head, trying to forget of what he just thought. Aoime looked up at him curiously. "Daddy?"

Seto looked down at her. "Yeah? Sorry, it's just that…"

Aoime stayed behind with the butlers at the house when the pregnancy problem happened, never really knowing what was going on. The only thing she knew that the baby died, but not knowing how. She was also frowned about this.

She hugged his leg once more. "I miss him too daddy," She said like he knew what he was thinking about.

Seto kneeled down to Aoime, and hugged her for about a few minutes in silence.

"We all missed him, Aoime…"

Night came around the very same day. The brunette didn't get tired till almost midnight, and his wife was asleep, but woke up seeing her husband on the computer, as always.

"Honey…" The tired woman walked to him, planting a kiss on his cheek. "You should get some rest, it's almost twelve,"

Seto gave in after a minute of working, sighed and shut down his laptop. Kisara came in bed shortly after Seto. He spaced out for a little while.

"Kisara?" His wife turned around to look at him, basically groaned in a response.

"I was thinking, well, about your idea. I saw the paperwork by my desk by the time I got home, you were taking a nap already, but, I decided to sign the paperwork and send them to the orphanage." Kisara nearly smiled.

Seto and Kisara were thinking of adopting a child from the same orphanage Seto and Mokuba were when they were abandoned. Since Kisara was known to incapability of having another child, she thought it would be a good idea to adopt a son Seto has always wanted.

"So…" Kisara said in almost a whisper. "You like the idea?"

Seto nodded to the response, and kissed her on the forehead before going to sleep.

-5 years later-

Aoime was sitting in her room in silence. She was sent home after of what she did to a couple of students. I'm proud of what I did, she thought, they deserved it-

A knock from her door interrupted her thought. "Aoime, it's me," It's her dad. There was a long pause before he said, "Just let me in. We should talk about this."

Aoime, stubborn like her dad, didn't say anything. She doesn't want to talk about what happened. Seto got a call from the school of what did happen, or what they heard what happened. The Brunette opened the door without her permission, but like any father he doesn't need her permission anyways. He then sat right next to her on her bed, waiting for what she has to say.

"The school called on what happened today," He said, looking at her. She didn't look at him, just looking at anything else but him. "Is there something you want to tell me?" He tried to be as calm as possible so she could finally tell him. She finally broke.

"I hit someone. There." She crossed her legs and pouted, not wanting to say anymore. Seto already knew that. "Is there anything more to the story?" Which there is.

"A couple of girls decided to come up to me and… say some things to make me mad."

Finally something he hadn't heard. "And?"

Aoime just sighed. "They were saying how- augh you won't understand!" She pouted again. Seto just chuckled. "Try me."

Aoime just eyed him, and decided to do so. "These… girls, they just came up to me. They were telling how, how that this guy broke up with them because of me!" She swung her arms at that last part, a bit upset about what she said. Seto just lifted an eyebrow. "You have a boyfriend?"

"Wha-no! No, no he's not my boyfriend….. ew no!" She planted her face on her palms in embarrassment. Seto just chuckled. "Just teasing."

She hated how her dad just does that, especially about boyfriends. She continued with her story. "The one girl said that the reason he did that so he can be with me, just…" She paused right there, and then continued. "…and just because I'm the daughter of Kaiba, and so what better way to get rich by marrying a rich girl!" She planted her face on her knees.

Seto was pretty shocked to hear this. Someone hitting on his daughter just to get closer to some rich family. Fricken' gold diggers, he thought.

Aoime raised her head up. "So I punched her. In the eye… and the stomach, and so I was sent to the office and got suspended." She was waiting for him yell and scream for getting herself suspended, but instead he just sat there, thinking. Aoime looked a little confused, looking at her dad, not doing anything.

"And the girls?" Seto asked. Aoime took this by surprise, but answered, "What about them?"

"Did they get in trouble or anything?"

"…no. The staffs don't believe my story, especially since I had no witnesses." Aoime answered quietly, also disappointed by the fact that the girls didn't get punished for their doings. Seto got up from her bed and walked out the door.

"Dad?" Aoime questioned. "Where are you going?"

Seto stopped at his tracks, and turned around with a slight smirk across his face, putting on his jacket he left by Aoime's room. "Get ready. Those girls got some explaining to do!"

Without any doubt, Aoime jumped from her bed and put on her jacket and followed her father out of her bedroom.

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