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Happy Thought

by MaskedDragonNamedLin

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An abstract poem.

Happy Thought

Small bubbley marble
inside It is empty
bobbing in vast seas
solitary in a carpet of spheres.

by Its sides bob four
in millions It has four
the four have many
It is a passing thought for two.

The near marble sees it much
the near marble cares so.
The larger marble sees less
but is joyed by the gold circle light casts in It
They see more in It than any others.

The far marble enjoys Its form
how It's sides smooth catch in the foamy waves
the far marble goes in circles
it doesn't look within.

The closed marble is radiant
inside are dried forms of strange orchids and lillies
a whole world.
But the walls are darkened
and deliberately closed, none may enter
With eyes or heart.

It cherishes the closed marble
It showed it Its chipped sides
but It feels so empty around the cherished marble
that is so rich inside
The closed marble lets none in
nor will look in It.
It bores the closed marble.

The marble bag is empty
They all spilled out.

Kailee Doherty, 3/29/16

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