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by MaskedLin

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A ekphrastic piece I made for a class, where we worked with a ceramics class. The theme was 'election,' whether that be the concept of, this year's, or something else. Our piece distinctively turned into something about this year... yeah. At least I voted instead of being an ostrich. You can't complain about your country being shit then do nothing to improve it. It's because of people who don't look into what they're voting for and people deciding that trying to make the place they live better is too "icky" for them that caused the USA to be where it is now. Sorry about the political rant, it's just upsetting -_- I'm so glad the election stuff is finally coming to a close for now. Poem belongs to me, don't steal.

Sit down and watch,

it's about to happen

the curtain draws to the side

and the performers whirl about.

Figures stand, wave, thrash, spasm,

Figures drenched by the spotlight,

oily, slick,

they have no faces, just sequined fronts

enticing people to come watch.


A colorful little car comes out,

it's funny horn braying,

rolling as if with a limp-

something's dancing on it's fourth wheel off to the side.

The car's a classic, the staple of the show

what everyone comes to see,

to talk about with club words.

The small thing goes round and round,

led by glitter-faced performers who

hope you don't see it's stiffened equine features.


Come take in the show, grab the bottle,

the glorious bottle,

They'll grab it for you, pour it into a spoon,

a beautiful spoon

Come, swallow,

it even comes in two flavors,

scarlet and cerulean,



swallow it and the world will become a Great place,

even as it is burning, burning.

The spotlight ignites two figures,

oiled and smoldering,

the wood posters come down

in a rain of words and ashes,

the behemoth creatures balance on their balls still

the animals pulling the carts are to anchored to move.

Pieces fall out, performers flaunt incumbent locks,

links chink to remind you that this is your circus.


Kailee Doherty, 11/6/16

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