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A Soul and Heart

by The-One-Pen

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A simple poem in reflection to current events.

A worried soul, a saddened heart

Has taken its toll and tears me apart.

A world of apathy surrounds this heart and soul;

Chaos, death, and misery as its children to come.


A fearful soul, a distraught heart

Has engulfed the whole and blackens art.

Anger and hate fuels it.

Misguided ideas nurture it, make it stop.


A shriveled soul, a dying heart

Has taken root like a pole and tightly grips a part.

Pessimism grows within.

Cynicism blinds absolutely.


A worried soul, a saddened heart;

Is all that is left of an optimist and idealist?

Can the world really change?

Will it ever change at all?

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