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April Anthology 2017

by Firiel

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Another year, another NAPOWRIMO, folks! This will be my month's attempts to jot down bits of my head, fandoms, and ideas which catch my attention as poetry. With luck I'll have 30 poems when the month closes.

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Chapter 1, Second-hand box


My paint-box was made to store bullets,

Camo-green, sturdy, and smelling of gunpowder ghosts.

It gleams with an art student’s copper phoenix sigil

And remembers the shapes of brass shells.

Its contents have laid low duck and deer and

Gallon jugs, painted rings;

Shed blood and broke bone and

Tattered cardboard boxes, shattered shining glass.

I’m taking it hunting through fairytale forests.

I’m setting my sights down the length of a brush,

And hoping to take down a piece of my soul.

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