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Wonder of Life

by Brethesen

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Take a guess, before reading this poem... =)

I walk inside,
the horrific smell of hospitals forced it's way to my nose,
I want to puke,
but I hold it inside,
walking to the elevators we are,
nervousness raising inside me,
as I step to the elevator.

I'm nervous and exited at the same time,
i'm having trouble to focus on anything,
my gaze running wildly in the elevator,
2nd floor,
tension gripping my muscles at my neck and shoulders,
i'm overwhelmed with emotions,
to see a Newborn life,
I look up,
3rd floor,
our stop.

I step out of the elevator,
and I see my ex-girlfriend's little sister on a bench,
her mother too,
painful memories mesmerize inside my head,
a ha...
I can hear crying,
Newborn in the hands of her mother cries,
as I come closer Newborn stops crying,
and makes a long expression of yawning.

I take Newborn into my hands,
such innocense,
such fragility,
i've never seen,
nor feeled against my body,
such a small person,
against my wide chest,
I can feel Newborn's breathing and heartbeating in my arms,
and my chest,
black haired wonder of life.

With drowsy eyes Newborn looks at me,
but doesn't start to cry,
with waters in my eyes I look back at Newborns eyes,
Newborn just turns his head,
and continues to sleep,
I smile,
as tear falls from my eye,
and starts it's long journey down my cheek,
my heart blooming for love,
to my godchild.

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