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Helping Hand

by L-B-Demaree

Libraries: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Original Fiction

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Chapter 1

It was a warm and sunny day out, when Oliver suddenly noticed a puppy was roaming around his house, looking for something to eat. This puppy had no tags on it, nor did it look in good condition. The puppy was starved, bones showing that it had gone without food for a long time. Oliver went to pick the puppy up, who whimpered loudly, showing pain in her front paw. Oliver was careful enough to hold her in his arms, taking her to the vet immediately.


Once at the vet, Oliver waited to be called back by a doctor. When he got called back, he walked into the room with the puppy still in his arms. “Hello. I’m Dr. Baker. How can I help you today?” Dr. Baker asked. “I found this poor little girl roaming around my yard today, and when I went to pick her up, she whimpered in pain which is coming from her front paw. I’m not sure how long she’s been on the streets for, but she’s been starved to almost death, as you can tell,” Oliver explained. Dr. Baker nodded his head, looking at the sweet girl, examining her paw. “I see what happened. She’s going to need surgery to heal that paw up, as the rough padding on her paw has nearly deteriorated by what looks like flame marks,” Dr. Baker said. That made Oliver really worried and upset for the poor dog.


The dog looked at Oliver, scared to death, wanting to be in his arms. Oliver saw how scared she was, petted her on the head, reassuring her that it’d be alright. “It’s going to be alright, girl, I promise. We’re going to get you safe and healthy again,” Oliver said to the dog. “It’s time to take her to surgery, sir, so if I can kindly take her back there, we’re going to work on her paw, and put a tube down her throat, into her stomach, to feed her while we perform surgery on her front left paw, which is badly damaged by, like I said, what looks like flame marks,” Dr. Baker explained.


Oliver nodded his head, tears in his eyes. “Please let me see her once her surgery is over with, Dr. Baker,” Oliver said, sniffling a bit. Dr. Baker nodded his head, taking the little chihuahua to the back of the vet, putting her on a table, hooking her up with an IV, sedating her to make sure she stays alright during surgery, then putting a feeding tube down her mouth and throat, into her stomach, slowly pumping food in her stomach right before the surgery is performed.


A few hours later, Dr. Baker came back with the female chihuahua and looked at Oliver. “Sir, here she is. Her surgery was a success. She’ll be sleepy for a while, but she’s all ready to go home,” Dr. Baker said. “Can I adopt her?” Oliver asked. Dr. Baker nodded his head and smiled. “Yes you can, sir,” he said. Oliver started crying tears of joy as he held her in his arms, loving on her with all his might, being careful of where she had just had surgery. “Thank you so much, Dr. Baker. I’m going to take her home and start getting her healthy again,” Oliver said. “I’d recommend a good food that’ll fatten her up some, then keep her on a regular diet so she doesn’t gain too much weight or lose too much weight ever again,” Dr. Baker said. Oliver nodded his head and smiled. “Thanks, Dr. Baker. It’s a pleasure to see this girl healthy again,” Oliver said, shaking Dr. Baker’s hand. After that, Oliver left with his new puppy.


Once they arrived home, Oliver placed her in his lap as he sat in his chair, watching television, softly caressing hre head to her back, her tail wagging like crazy. “Now, what to name you…” Oliver said, looking down at the female chihuahua. He kept his thoughts pondering, trying to think of a name for her, but couldn’t come up with one in any way possible. She did, however, catch his attention when she whimpered to go outside, like a well trained puppy who has been trained to let their owner know when they need to go do their business outside.

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