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by L-B-Demaree

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Chapter 1, Prologue

In the world of Alerin, there are eight different major nations, including some magic nations. Litia, a nation founded by King Lear Linares, is a nation created under the beliefs that humans are the top form of life and look down on other races. The people of Litia, however, dispise war and instead focus on the pursuit of knowledge. The next nation, Zeria, also known as the Small Giant, is a nation created by two kings. The nation consist of Mainly Dwarves, Humans and Halflings. The Nation Prides itself on it’s Technological Advances such as the Shock-Trebuchet. The third nation, Kania, is a nation of war. The people in Kania are known for being aggressive, and have spawned the term “Pissed as a Kanian.”


The next couple of nations, Huela, which is made up of 110 tribes of beastmen, have united during the events of the third beast war, where the tribesmen of Huela are some of the greatest soldiers in the world, as the country is normally divided, so the tribes fight themselves more than actual enemy nations; Feia, a nation of Elves, but because of the dense forest that covers most of the nation, not much is known about the nation; Bliks the nation of Water, is famous for its naval might and because it is the only country that considers Mermaids Citizens; Cyrasia, the nation of giants while it’s not actually a nation, it is inhabited by only giants, and is considered suicidal to enter; as the last one nation, Langaria, a small nation that isn’t that unique overall, but makes the best liquor in all of Alerin. There is an island nation, Nolora, controlled by The Magic Academy of Nolora.


In these nations, Iris, a teenager who enjoys naps, eating, and being around Evan, a teenager who is smart and confident, but can be very antisocial and a bit laid back, meet each other in school. Iris only lets Evan touch her hair, no one else. Iris is addicted to keeping her hair the way it looks, and only allows Evan to touch her hair. While in school, she and Evan decide to hook up, becoming lifelong partners after Iris gets attacked one day by a tiger who wants all of her magic, only to be saved by Evan, before they go into the Nolora Academy together.

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