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A Trip To Kanagawa!

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Adventure, Original Fiction, Romance

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Heavily based on one super long dream that I had before I went to MomoCon on the 23rd of May. Note: Chapters 2 thru 3 will be kinda mature in terms of content.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1 - Day 1: Arrival

A Trip To Kanagawa!

Who would have thought in a million years that I was fortunate enough to not only being able to actually apply for a college that catered to my interests in film-making along with photography.


But also I could go on a plane flight all the way to Kanagawa, Japan or basically the homeland of a certain someone whom had stolen my heart from the moment I heard his vocals which were in the lines of pleasant and seconds later...


Absolutely eargasm worthy.


But still to get back with things as once 16 hours had passed and the plane landed kind of nicely to the concrete grounds.


Well everyone along with me had unbuckled the seatbelts, gotten up from the seats and then grabbed our belonglings that were either tucked away somewhere or next to us.


For me since I was extremely clingy with my belonglings.


I had kept them between my legs in the seat that I was sitting down in.


But once the plane landed and everyone had gotten up.


I had grabbed my backpack from between my legs very tightly and then once more than 100 people had left the plane.


Awaaaaaaaay I went as I ran out of the plane and into the airport of Japan.


Which once I was inside and stopped for a moment to catch my breath.


The excitiment that was inside of my body from when I was still in North America had came back but well the feeling was much stronger.


Like much, much stronger than before.




End of Chapter 1










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