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Mew~Mew Shenanigans!

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Humor, Misc Anime and Manga, Romance, YuYu Hakusho

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Being a kitten can be absolutely pur~fect really... XD Based on series of doodles that I did long back in 2018

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1: Explanation That He Needs...

Mew~Mew Shenanigans!

Even though my heart belonged to Hiei-kun all the way...


I still went off to the palace that was located in the of world Mew Mew Makai as well...


I was invited to a dinner by the blind kitten himself...




Or Yomi-papa as I would call him most of the time.


Well whenever he was sweet to me as always he was.


Until Shura went off somewhere and then that's when he switched off that personality for a more sinster one.


Okay maybe not that.


But really he could be a naughty one to the degree where well after I came back from dinner at a time that was extremely late.


Both tired and covered a bit with the scent of the blind king as well he had his way with me after the feast and such.


Went to the bedroom to find Hiei-kun sitting down on the edge of the bed, looking directly at me with a stare that was clear he was not exactly pleased to see me or really why was I back home so late?




Well the answer to that question is something I will think of ASAP.


Like ASAP...




End of Chapter 1 

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