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The Tower of Babel ~冒険、冒険!~

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Humor, Original Fiction, Romance

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While on a first date with Kotono. Things quickly get interesting as she along with her date Nozomu stumble across as an amusement park known as "The Tower of Babel" After that... Well read the entire 5 chapter story to find out what happens!

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Chapter 1, Where Does One Begin...

For sure I could have stayed a bit longer at Nozomu's house since it was MUCH warmer there than on a rooftop of building I was standing while dressed up as the soon to be I hope well-known vigilante by the name of Ms. Lune


I chose to leave early and go on my first adventure as the school uniform dressed vigilante.


What a shame since while I was out doing that, Kotono and Nozomu were getting dressed up to go to a club in Shinjuku known as Casablanca.


More so Kotono as since she was going to be Nozomu's date (surprisingly enough!!!)


She needed to look as beautiful or more so desirable to Nozomu as possible (even if I doubt the young guy had any attraction to her)


But still!


Let's get straight to the part where those two were in the club!


Casablanca - 9:15 PM


'so this is one of the finest clubs in Shinjuku?' Kotono said to Nozomu as she was looking around at everything inside of Casablanca.


'mmmm-hmmmm' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'but unlike some clubs, this one is friendly for young women' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'really?' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'yes' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'well that's good to know!' Kotono said to Nozomu with a big grin on her face.


Meanwhile on one of the rooftops of a building in Tokyo.


'should've gotten a jacket cause it's soooo chilly out!!!' I quickly said to myself while shivering a bit.


I mean was dressed in two layers of clothing (white turtleneck, white leggings and then the whole school uniform with a red headband)


But still, that wasn't enough apparently cause the winds that came to Tokyo just kept hitting me like I was a sheet of paper.


And of course just when the winds stopped and I was shivering even more than before.


Finally, finally, finally, some sort of action started as two robbers left a bank with bags of money in their hands.


Then as they were out of the bank, standing outside and thinking about what to do next.


Little did they know I heard them and thought about jumping down from my spot so finally, I could perhaps introduce myself and beat some bad guys!


Well hopefully...


Casablanca - 9:30 PM


'enjoying yourself?' Nozomu said to Kotono while he was sitting down on one of the wooden stools, staring at her with a light smile on his face.


'yeah' Kotono said to Nozomu as she sensed he was staring at her.


'though Nozomu-kun...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'are you enjoying yourself?' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'well...' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'no?' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'that's a bummer...'  Kotono said to Nozomu.


'though if you want, we could go back to your place and ummmm...'  Kotono said to Nozomu while feeling her cheeks getting a bit red.


'ummm what exactly?' Nozomu said to Kotono as he raised a brow at her.


'play a board game!' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'really...' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'now that sounds like fun, right?' Kotono said to Nozomu as she continued to blush.


'yeah, I guess so' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'but Kotono...' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'eh...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'why is your cheeks so red for?' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'ehhhhhhhhhh I need to find the restrooms!' Kotono quickly said to Nozomu as she gotten off the wooden stool she was sitting down on next to his.


While she was on the move, she quickly found the ladies's restroom and headed straight inside with a heavier blush now on her face.


Meanwhile again in a part of Tokyo!


'what's gonna be our getaway ride?' The first robber said to the second robber.


'good question!' I said to the first robber, standing right behind him and his buddy.


'ehhh...' The first robber said to me as he heard me and well after a few minutes went by.




End of Chapter 1

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