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The Tower of Babel ~冒険、冒険!~

by Miriam-chan

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While on a first date with Kotono. Things quickly get interesting as she along with her date Nozomu stumble across as an amusement park known as "The Tower of Babel" After that... Well read the entire 5 chapter story to find out what happens!

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Chapter 2, Step By Step then Yappari Koi Darou!

Ladies Restroom of Casablanca - 9:45 PM


'don't you think it's a bit early to go all the way on a first date, Kotono-san...' Kotono said to herself while looking at the mirror with a heavy blush still on her cheeks.


'he's handsome yeah but...' Kotono said to herself.


'best to take things slow...' Kotono said to herself.


'have you've heard about the brand new amusement park opening up?' Miho said to Shinobu.


'yeah!' Shinobu said to Miho.


'it's got a funny name too' Shinobu said to Miho.


'what's the funny name?' Kotono said to Shinobu as she overheard her.


'The Tower of Babel' Shinobu said to Kotono.


'sounds like something from an anime...' Kotono said to Shinobu as she giggled a bit.


'exactly!' Miho said to Kotono as she laughed a bit.


20 minutes later


'why are you running away from meeeee!!!' I shouted to the two robbers while chasing after them.


'guess they've watched enough Sukeban Deka to know what I was probably gonna do to them...' I said to myself while running faster to catch up with the two robbers.


Casablanca - 10:05 PM


'back from the restroom' Nozomu said to Kotono as he sensed she was standing behind him.


'yeah...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'though Nozomu-kun' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'ummm...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'ummm?' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'want to take a trip with me to The Tower of Babel?' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'eh...' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'bad question to ask, I'm sorry...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'I'm going to go back to the restroom to handle my hair since it's a bit messy' Kotono said to Nozomu as she attempted to walk away.




'wait a moment, Kotono' Nozomu quickly said to Kotono, now standing behind her with his right hand grabbing onto the top of her left shoulder.


'eh...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'no need to leave again, let's check out that Tower of Babel spot' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'okay' Kotono said to Nozomu.


40 minutes later


Entrance of The Towel of Babel - 10:45 PM


'so this is The Tower of Babel happens to be an amusement park...' Nozomu said to Kotono while he was staring at the entrance.


'yep!' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'let's check it out!' Kotono quickly said to Nozomu as she ran inside of the amusement park.


As she was inside, walking around and staring at the rollercoaster rides that were present along with the merry-go-round and a carousel with many horses.


Nozomu went inside to look for her, in which with much success, he was able to find her sitting down on one of the horses in the carousel and in a bit of surprise.


'what the...' Nozomu said as he felt the ground rumble a bit.


'you're not gonna join me on this fun ride?' Kotono said to Nozomu.


As he was about to answer, the lights for the carousel turned on along with other ones for the rest of the amusement park.


After that, the carousel started to go around slowly and then once a couple of minutes passed.


'whoooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' Kotono shouted as she tightly held onto the pole of the horse she was on and felt her head spinning a bit due to the carousel going around and around for the second time.


Once that happened and Nozomu attempted to jump onto one of the horses, which he succeeded and held one hand out for Kotono to grab onto if she wanted to get on the horse he was on.


The carousel went faster and faster to the point where once Kotono heard Nozomu calling her name, she slowly turned her head to see him and his right hand out to get her from the horse she was on.


She immediately grabbed onto his hand and gasped right away at the feeling of being pulled to another horse.


While she was on Nozomu's horse, looking at him a bit as the carousel went faster and faster.


She started to feel a bit dizzy from the speed of the carousel and fell right into Nozomu's arms as a result.


As she was in his arms, looking at him with a dizzy expression on her face.

She attempted to say something which was.


'some adventure so far...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'yeah...' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'but...' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'what?' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'has anyone ever told you that you're very beautiful...' Nozomu said to Kotono.


'u-ummmm....' Kotono said to Nozomu as she started to blush a bit.


'think you're the only person to say that...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'not that's a bad thing, it's just...' Kotono said to Nozomu.


'huh...' Kotono said to Nozomu as she felt a rope around her waist.


'what?' Nozomu said to Kotono.


As the flustered young lady was about to say something, quickly she was pulled from the horse and before she was going to be taken to a different spot.


She screamed as loudly as she could, holding onto tightly to Nozomu's hands as she didn't want to leave him.




'Nozomu-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!!' Kotono screamed out for one last time as the rope pulled her back from Nozomu and took her to a rollercoaster which was oddly enough named the "Rumble Fish"




I truly have no idea.




End of Chapter 2

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