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Thanksgiving Tales

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Family, YuYu Hakusho

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Since Thanksgiving is only but 4 days away, I've decided to make this series of short stories featuring family-friendly Thanksgiving goodness with a side of YYH as well... Read the stories to understand that :D

After getting thoroughly spoiled with all sorts of treats by Hiei as a way to apologize for being so grumpy on his own birthday, which was like 3 days ago or so if math serves this narrator right.


Miriam was still inside of her room, in the covers of the bed, snoring quite a bit as she was extremely tired from doing a lot with her body at the birthday party that happened yesterday with Hiei and some other good friends such as Kurama, Yusuke and Keiko, Kuwabara along with Shizuru and Yukina as they came along too.


While she was still asleep, Hiei was awake in the kitchen, writing up a draft of a invitation card that he was going to copy on the printer in the living room and send out hopefully to everyone who was at the birthday party yesterday.


That and even to maybe other people that would interested in coming such as Botan, Koenma and possibly Yuri since they were more than welcome to a party as Miriam said once while gobbling up a large bowl of vanilla ice cream.


Still, we'll see what happens since after Hiei was finished with the draft, he yawned just a little bit and decided right away that it was time to call a night.


Go to the room where his cherished love was and keep her in his arms while she slept still.







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