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The Inner Wonderland...

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Drama, Fantasy, One Shots, Original Fiction

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Primarily written by me a cheering up gift to my friend Sha or Yuri-kun as I address them sometimes.

Chapter 1, Prologue

It was a quiet evening at the small house of the Hargreaves family.


Alexandria was upstairs inside of their room, sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the still blank piece of paper that was in their hand.


As they were staring that, thinking more so about either they should do another series of sketches featuring their OC and characters from the universe that was created by them and their brothers back in the early 2000s.


A moderate yawn came out of their mouth and it was decided after experiencing that.


They will get to the series of sketches after getting some rest first as no way in the world they were going to sketch while being a state of feeling tireder than usual.


No way at all!


15 minutes later


With a shower out of the way and dressed for calling a early night.


Alexandria gotten into their bed, resting the back of their head on the relatively soft pillow and still listening to a bit music as that kept them calm since at the moment, their brothers Micky and Robert were out doing the usual, leaving their sibling at home as a result.


It wasn't their fault though since they've asked Alexandria if they were interested in going out with one of them to either the store or a club that was somewhere in New Haven, CT.


In which with a light smile covering their face.


They said to Micky and Robert that they weren't entirely interested in tagging along for that, due to just feeling tired and also going to places that were within the social side was alright but due to having social anixety, it was quite difficult to have a good time or to even interact with other people that wasn't Micky and Robert.


Still, as the last song on the playlist of the MP3 was finished.


Alexandria was officially asleep in the bed, tightly holding on to a plushie of a fox that was given to them as a gift from another dear friend of theirs.


Which was...


Miriam or Miriam-chan as she was addressed by them along with others who knew her quite well.




To be continued





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