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A Psycho's Mind

by psycholilyflower

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speaks for it's self

A lonely night
Siting by a fire
Looking into the dark abyss
That is my soul.
To figure what my purpose,
If there is a purpose
To what they call life.

A peace that is quiet,
Maybe to quiet.
Is starting to call me from my thoughts.
A spell maybe cast to help my troubled soul.
But who, I wonder do I say my thanks
For if left to ponder
My many thoughts on the matter
I believe I would never hit a bottum.

Instead of a bottum
I found more questions then answers
More beginnings then ends
So this must mean I have gone mad
For my thoughts have lead me here
To my padded room

Will anyone ever come to me
And help me figure things out
Or explain to me why things are the way they are.
Or will they leave me where I lay
Locked in a padded room
Foaming from the mouth
With insanity already knocking at the door.

Maybe the gods will have fortune on me
And release me from this planet
That has hit rock bottum
That is falling to pieces
This is hell.

A hell i want to escape
I want to be where the gods live.
Where I have no worries about what my life means
For I will know what my purpose here is
To help others that have come to where I am.
An Insane Assylem
On a unseemingly deserted vast wasteland.

This is my hell
Come and play!!!

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