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Misadventures Of Alexandria!

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Original Fiction, Romance

Published on / 3 Chapter(s) / 0 Review(s)

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Ever wonder what Alexandria does besides being a self taught artist that also attends Strawberry Fields High School? Well here goes a spin off series that may shed light to what they do besides that :) First but definitely not the last spin-off series from the "Miriam-chan's Delight" universe.

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Chapter 1, Alexandria and the Hero of Time (Part 1)

Hyrule Field - 9:00 AM


Despite wondering how they actually got transported to the Legend of Zelda universe.


Alexandria immediately had spotted a young man dressed in green riding a horse to the castle of Hyrule for reasons that seem important to him, but of course once they spotted the young man with a surprised look on their face, immediately they chose to put their current thoughts aside and go after the young man to see why he was heading to the castle.


As they embarked on that, little did they know that another young man dressed in black was watching their every move from afar.


Why was that you may possibly ask?


Well I dunnooo!




End of Part 1

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