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Rainy Blue

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Original Fiction, Romance

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Hidehiko and Yuri go explore parts of West Haven together and well a lot more happens! Fluffy stuff of course!

City of West Haven - 5:55 PM


With the sedan belonging to Hidehiko parked up by a sidewalk that was filled with other sedans, the exploring of mainly parts of the city had began and surprisingly from Yuri especially since most of the time they were extremely shy around other people except Micky and Robert.


They had followed Hidehiko around and took many pictures of what they saw along with him during their exploring, once more than a couple of minutes passed and the sun was officially starting to set.


Hidehiko and Yuri were inside of a cafe called Coffee Haven West, sitting down right next to each other which was a bit much for them since while the young man was reading what was on the menu, they took a bit of a glance at the young man and within a matter of seconds, a heavy blush covered their cheeks since even if he simply reading what was on the menu, he looked so handsome in Yuri's eyes.


So very handsome.


'would you like anything by any chance?' Hidehiko said to Yuri as they continued reading the menu.


'some iced tea if they have any on the menu...' Yuri quickly said to Hidehiko as they turned their head away from him and pretended to be looking at the sky through the window.


Once they did that.


They noticed a few clouds in the sky and remembered seeing rain in the forecast but hopefully it didn't happen till later.



3 minutes later



'here goes a frappuccino for you sir and peach mango flavored iced tea for you miss' The waitress said to Hidehiko and Yuri as she dropped up their drinks and went her merry way.


'your drink smells really delicious there, Hidehiko' Yuri said to Hidehiko as they instantly enjoyed the smell of their frappuccino.


'you can try it if you want to' Hidehiko said to Yuri.


'I can't really handle caffenie' Yuri said to Hidehiko.


'that's a shame there' Hidehiko said to Yuri.


'in that case, can you handle any pastries?' Hidehiko said to Yuri.


'they're really delicious' Hidehiko said to Yuri.


'I'll give it a try' Yuri said to Hidehiko.



7 minutes later



With the sun completely set and light rain already in the city of West Haven.


Hidehiko and Yuri were still taste testing pastries and getting a few laughs in since some of them were a bit messy and quite sweet.


Mostly messy really.




As Yuri was trying one delicious pastry and was about to give a piece to Hidehiko, accidentally they got a bit of the sugar on the tip of his nose and rather than laugh, they remained silent and hoped Hidehiko would feel the sugar on his nose, which he did thank goodness but to make things worse or more so for Yuri.


He turned his head to look at them and asked if they had a napkin for his nose, which they quickly nodded yes and decided in a courageous move to gently wipe off the sugar from the tip of his nose instead of him doing it.


Once they did that with their eyes closed as they didn't want to stare into the eyes of their dream man basically at this point, a laugh came from the young man as he found the way Yuri was acting towards him to be amusing.


Kind of cute too.


Still, after Yuri was finished with what they were doing, they kept their eyes closed still and quickly put the napkin on the table and then they turned their away from Hidehiko for a little bit.


3 minutes later


With the evening already started and the duo finished with their drinks, treats and a little bit more.


The waitress was given the money spent for everything and the duo were quickly out of the cafe, heading back to the sedan with a umbrella covering them from above.


Once they gotten back inside of the sedan, seatbelts already on but for some reason the duo were looking at each other eye to eye.




'that was quite the adventure' Yuri said to Hidehiko.


'we should do that again next time' Yuri said to Hidehiko.


'yeah' Hidehiko said to Yuri.


'we should for sure' Hidehiko said to Yuri.


'but until then, let's get you back home' Hidehiko said to Yuri as he smiled at them.


'yeah' Yuri said to Hidehiko as they smiled at him back.



12 minutes later



House of the Hargreaves Family - 7:40 PM


Hidehiko and Yuri were standing by the front door of the home, planning to bid farewell to each other but before that happened, he gave them a piece of paper containing his personal phone number and then soon after that.


'have a good night, Yuri-san' Hidehiko said to Yuri as he smiled at them once again and in a bit of a surprise, he leaned a bit given he was taller and gently kissed their forehead which was completely alright.


Completely alright for Yuri since once the young man went back to his sedan, bidding farewell this time to the person who he had the feeling he was going to be with for a while.


All they could do was close their eyes and blush once more.


Well at the fact that not only they had a great time with their dream man but for sure that kiss on the forehead was gonna be great for sweet dreams later on.


Simply sweet dreams and nothing more~











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