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Crazy Summer

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Original Fiction, Romance

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What happens when you along with your friends are sucked into a RPG that's all too reminiscent of Fire Emblem? Read the whole story to find out!

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Chapter 1

House of the Asobu Family - 1:00 AM

Minami was inside of the kitchen, looking through the inside of the fridge for something sweet to eat while listening to some music outloud on her MP3 located in the pocket of her polka dot robe.


Once more than a couple of minutes had quickly passed, she found a cup of fruit on the bottom yogurt and took that right away since it looked quite delicious to say the least, from the moment she closed the fridge and turned around to get a spoon from one of the drawers, she heard the sounds of her father screaming loudly in the master bedroom, dropped the fruit on the bottom yogurt in her right hand instantly and sprinted out of the kitchen all the way to the master bedroom.


Once she was inside of the master bedroom, she gasped instantly in shock at the sight of her father's lifeless body on the ground and wondered right away of what happened, last she remembered before going to the kitchen for a late night snack was having a pleasant conversation with her father and then being surprised by the sketches he was showing her of a video game system along with a helmet.


A helmet that was meant for virtual reality games.


What happened while she was in the process of looking for a late night snack?


'would you care to be with your father also?' A rather unsettling voice said to Minami from behind.


'Minami-chan...' A rather unsettling voice said to Minami from behind.


From the moment that was said, the purple haired lady swiftly turned around to see a person completely dressed in black with a Noh mask covering their face, holding in their hands a helmet that was all too similar of the one that her father had shown her as a sketch.


Once she saw that.


She quickly backed up as far away from the person and sadly fell right on top of her father's lifeless body, while she was there and attempted to get back on her feet, she fell back onto the ground and looked at the person from above to see they were staring at her through that mask.


That creepy mask.


After a few more minutes of staring, the person decided to get down on their knees and attempted to put the helmet on Minami only for quite a fight to happen, it was a pretty decent fight that concluded with the person pulling out a cloth that a little bit of poison on it and suffocating the purple-haired teenager.


Once she slipped into a state of unconsciousness, the helmet was successfully put on her head and all the person could do was chuckle for a little bit.


After that.


'she's going to be perfect as the princess for the RPG that's going to be released tomorrow...' The person said to themself quietly as they chuckled once again.





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