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Crazy Summer

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Original Fiction, Romance

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What happens when you along with your friends are sucked into a RPG that's all too reminiscent of Fire Emblem? Read the whole story to find out!

Chapter 2

Keio Mall - 11:00 AM


Mamoru was standing up against the wall that was connected to one of the fitting rooms, still waiting rather patiently for his girlfriend to come out since she was in the process of changing out of the last outfit that she put together, it was a sleeveless olive green collar shirt with a pair of white pants and black slip on shoes.


After a few more minutes of waiting, he heard the sound of the door unlocking and opening up right away, then he turned his head to see Miriam walking out of the fitting room in her usual school uniform, holding onto the clothing that she picked out.


Seeing that...


'are you going to keep the clothing?' Mamoru said to Miriam with a mild touch of curiosity in his voice.


'mmm-hmmm!' Miriam quickly said to Mamoru with a cheerful tone in her voice.


'great!' Mamoru said to Miriam.


'are you going to pay for them or am I going to?' Miriam said to Mamoru.


'it's all on me' Mamoru said to Miriam as he turned his head to look at her with a smile.


'really? you're sure?' Miriam said to Mamoru.


'absolutely, it's all good' Mamoru said to Miriam.


'you're the best, Mamo-chaaaaan!' Miriam shouted to Mamoru brightly as she gave him a big hug.


All the young man could do was look down at her and continue to smile as he was glad to see his girlfriend in such bright spirits.



5 minutes later



'with clothing shopping outta the way, what you wanna do next?' Miriam said to Mamoru while she was walking about and looking at the different stores.


'hmmmm...' Mamoru said to Miriam while he was walking about also and thinking of what to do next.


'let's go to the food court and get something to eat' Mamoru said to Miriam.


'after that, we can explore more of the mall if you want to do that' Mamoru said to Miriam.


'I'd love to do that, especially with you' Miriam said to Mamoru as she turned her head to look at him.


'you're like the best company, Mamo-chan' Miriam said to Mamoru as she started to smile a little.


'the best company' Miriam said to Mamoru.


'I would say the same thing about you too, Miriam-chan' Mamoru said to Miriam.


'you're the best company and I even get the feeling we're going to be together for a long time...' Mamoru said to Miriam.


'I get the feeling...' Mamoru said to Miriam while he turned his head to look at a jewelry shop that was currently open.


'really...' Miriam said to Mamoru.


'yeah' Mamoru said to Miriam.


'random question, but what's your favorite color?' Mamoru said to Miriam.


'tie between yellow and orange' Miriam said to Mamoru.


'why do you ask?' Miriam said to Mamoru.


'let's take a tour of the jewelry shop before eating, shall we?' Mamoru said to Miriam as he looked at her with a smile.





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