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by SilveryStormWing

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Chapter 1, Introduction


Once, there was a dragon. They were an old creature, the product of untold centuries, fearsome to behold. Scarred and spiked, with a shadow that could cover entire villages, they were a force to be reckoned with. Though they could have gone on to expand their lands, they were content with what they had and acted as a guardian to those living in their land. The relationship between the dragon and the peoples in their territory was not necessarily that of close friends, but it was mutually beneficial and both parties were content. The dragon provided protection from invaders and others who would harm their people, and if the dragon was harmed or in need after defending them, then the inhabitants would provide assistance. 


Occasionally, the dragon would wander off and travel. Though they were old, they still were fascinated with the world and wished to see all of its mysteries. They always warned her people when they left, and never left long enough for someone to take advantage of their being gone. Not many outside looked well on those who lived inside the territory. 


This arrangement worked well for both sides until the dragon was a little late in returning home… 

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