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Just One More Kiss

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: One Shots, Original Fiction, Romance

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Simply a one-shot story that was written in dedication to one of my dear friend's crushes Hidehiko "Hidebear" Hoshino

Chapter 1

Coffee Haven West - 3:00 PM

Hidehiko and Yuri were sitting down together on a bench, gobbling up the pastries that were ordered on a medium size plate along with a small cup of cherry flavored syrup in case dipping was going to happen by any chance.


From the moment that only a pastry left was on the medium size plate, Hidehiko and Yuri had looked at each other and within a matter of seconds or so, the two of them attempted to get the pastry from the plate, but decided while touching each other's hands for a little bit, resulting in a blush from one of them, the pastry could be split in half.


With that decided right away, the pastry was split in half and gobbled up quickly by the duo.


2 minutes later


'pastries twas delish, I must say!' Yuri said to Hidehiko with a delightful tone in their voice.


'agreed, agreed!' Hidehiko said to Yuri with a delightful tone in his voice also.


'should we have seconds or?' Hidehiko said to Yuri.


'let's do seconds!' Yuri said to Hidehiko with a giggle.


2 minutes later


With another plate of pastries gobbled up.


Hidehiko and Yuri were comfortably leaning back on the bench, enjoying the feeling of being stuffed and thinking already of what to do next for the still fresh afternoon, should they make their way back to one of their homes or?


What should they do?



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